Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Racist Kansas License Plates Recalled

On the streets of the Sunflower State, here's word of a cleanup of insensitive lettering. Read more:

Kansas recalls 731 license plates over ethnic slur complaint

WICHITA, KS (AP) - Kansas is recalling hundreds of vehicle license plates on the streets containing the "JAP" lettering in the wake of complaints that it is an ethnic slur offensive to Japanese Americans. The Kansas Department of Revenue said there are 731 active registrations containing that random letter combination on standard license plates.


JoCoPost said...

How clueless is the Ks. Dept of Revenue. Everyone in Joco knows JAP stands for Jewish American Princess. A highly desirable prefix in Leawood...they could even charge a premium for those tags there...looks especially nice on a Lexus that has had the trim "golded".

Anonymous said...

This is about the most idiotic example of political correctness I've seen in awhile and that's saying something today.

I could _kinda_ understand if they were recalling the vanity plates with this, but the alphanumerically generated ones from 000 JAP to 99JAP? Seriously???

How the hell did these 2 whining fuckstains survive past High School if a randomly generated license number is so offensive to them?

Anonymous said...

Many homosexuals would pay extra for FAG or COK or SUK.

Anonymous said...

What if a negro got NIG or KKK?

Anonymous said...

Tracy, you could have one that started with TIT.

Anonymous said...

do you ever see the plates 496 FAG or 123 DOG

Anonymous said...

Tracy’s spot on.
And everyone is hyper sensitive and overly offended... they have the rest of society walking on pins and needles.
Tolerance can’t be found... it’s like walking around all day in neighborhoods looking for a newspaper- nowhere to be found.
Schools are to be blamed with finger pointing to liberal teachers and media as well.
If folks would just breath easy- relax and chill and let a few things pass, then the world would be more livable and tolerant... certainly we can all agree that anyone can be upset if they choose to be.

Anonymous said...

Tracy--Thank you you beat me to it.