Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Po'dunk 'Master Race' Commish Kaput

A small time politico misspoke in a public meeting and nationwide media shame has taught him a tough lesson about his real life place in the world. Here's the round-up regarding "news" about somebody who has worked in obscurity for most of his life and now won't even be able to do that when it comes to public office . . . Read more:

Louis Klemp, Leavenworth County commissioner, resigns after 'master race' remark

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A Leavenworth County, Kansas Commissioner under fire for comments some perceived as racist has resigned his position. During a County Commissioners meeting Tuesday morning, the commission announced that Louis Klemp had resigned his post. Klemp had been under fire and faced calls to resign from several people - including Kansas Gov.


Anonymous said...

The master race is in outer space.

Anonymous said...

The master race all has 12" dicks.

Anonymous said...

Media, Facebook, and Google will be pleased!

Anonymous said...

The master race isn't toiling away in Kansas.