Saturday, November 24, 2018

Patrick Mahomes: King Of Kansas City Hype

Anybody remember Zack Greinke??? He was the great white hope of the Royals but arrived on the scene just a bit too early for World Series glory.

While there have been some great highlights so far this season, many skeptics still think the Kansas City Chiefs will choke during the playoffs just like old times.

Here's a more optimistic take and possibly the greatest heterosexual love letter ever penned in reference to this cowtown. Checkit:

Patrick Mahomes is everything to Kansas City

Every memorable athlete has their first moment. For some, it's an iconic snapshot that far eclipses anything else they might ever do. For others, it's the beginning of a journey shared by millions of enraptured spectators. On Oct. 1, Americans settled into their couches and recliners. Some eagerly.

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Anonymous said...

Here we go again with the fans pinning their hopes on one player. Yes, he's really good, but it's the team that wins games.