Wednesday, November 21, 2018

No Salad For Kansas City Money Pit Zoo

Roughage scare now applies to all the animals living in the luxury of this taxpayer funded tribute to animal cruelty. Take a look:

Kansas City Zoo removes romaine lettuce from animal diets after recall

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The Kansas City Zoo will not feed romaine lettuce to its animals after the CDC issued a recall, the zoo announced Wednesday. On Tuesday, the CDC urged people in the United States and Canada to throw out their romaine lettuce after an outbreak of E. coli.


Anonymous said...

Collect all the thrown away Romaine lettuce and feed it to the zoo reptiles.

Zoo saves on their animal feed budget.

That's called thinking outside the box turtle.

Anonymous said...

For those who believe that zoos are cruel, please start a petition to close the KC Zoo and send the animals back to their country of origin. Or to the nearest BBQ joint. While you're at it, call for the closing of Starlight Theatre. Keep the park free of white people and give the land back to the natives.

Anonymous said...

Don't start feeding the monkeys endive and kale or they will turn into hipsters.