Monday, November 26, 2018


Amid hype, fear, protest and scathing editorials . . . The reality is that Constitutionally protected 2nd Amendment rights have been upheld, thankfully, without much incident at KU.

Only one minor infraction occurred that was immediately corrected.

Of course, peace on a CCW campus contradicts the hype an hysteria propagated by critics of of gun rights.

In a brilliant bit of publicity and public relations for his cinematic efforts, KU professor Kevin Willmott earned international headlines from this issue by wearing a bulletproof vest to class as part of a not so silent protest.

His promotional stunt was actually far more captivating than the critically acclaimed flops like Chi-raq & BlacKkKlansman which comprise his recent lackluster return to moviemaking. 

Check the news that has been downplayed by KC media which offers a glimpse at the gun drama or lack thereof . . .

15 Months Later, Just 1 Violation of KU Gun Policy

"More than a year after the University of Kansas adopted a policy allowing concealed guns on campus, only one gun-relation violation has been reported.

"The Lawrence Journal-World reports that the sole violation was minor enough that it was corrected without disciplinary action. The violation was for carrying a gun inappropriately."

More . . .

LJW: Over a year into campus carry at KU, first gun-policy violation reported


In the first 15 months of the controversial policy allowing concealed guns on campus, one violation has been reported, the Journal-World found, and no gun crimes have been reported.

The sole violation, a gun being carried inappropriately, was quickly corrected and resulted in no disciplinary action, according to the university . . . That case occurred Oct. 2 at Smith Hall, 1300 Jayhawk Boulevard. A student was carrying a gun in his backpack — but instead of being concealed from view, as required, the gun was in an outside mesh pocket of the backpack where it could be seen.

A faculty member reported the incident.

“The student was informed of the policy and corrected the problem with no further issues.”

And so, what have we learned.

CCW and protecting the 2nd Amendment hasn't destroyed KU and life on campus remains blessedly peaceful following angry protests that predicted bloodshed that has yet to be realized and hopefully never will.

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

Bkk was a pretty funny movie at times. But Chiraq was downright unwatchable save one scene with John Cusak. Biggest letdown and wasted opportunity of Spike Lee's career.

About this issue, there will be gun on campus with or without this rule. This is just a way to prevent the vast majority of law abiding students from getting in trouble.

Anonymous said...

Most KU students dont have wrists strong enough to hold a gun.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Kevin Willmott is a faggot. He made a complete fool of himself and KU.

Anonymous said...

But Babs Bollier and that other attention whore Stephanie Clayton told us the dorms would be awash in blood and all the other talking points Moms Demand Action gave them...