Wednesday, November 28, 2018

New Jackson County Sheriff Talks Cleanup

Here's a conversation about reform from the newest Jackson County politician now taking over a longstanding human rights crisis. Checkit:

Seg. 1: Making Changes At Jackson County Sheriff's Office. Seg. 2: Sparkling Wine For The Holidays.

Segment 1: Jackson County's new sheriff says he's trying to make the department "an environment where it's not fear-based, it's respect-based." When the previous sheriff of Jackson County resigned in the midst of a sex scandal, former Kansas City police Chief Darryl Forte was asked to serve as interim sheriff.


Anonymous said...

Forte will ruin the department like he did with kcmo, he’s just making shit up to try and make himself look good, the truth is he was a diversity hire for kc and he didn’t know what he was doing then and he still doesn’t now.

live lurked said...

I voted for him.

Anonymous said...

^^^ well, what’s that say about you then?

Anonymous said...

This guy is a liar! He has no intentions of making the dept. respectable, look at the racist remarks he made about his so called fellow white officers!

He's a black man not to be trusted with a badge or anything else for that matter! They have proven their selves to be terrorists in our country! Grab your gun and lock your doors against these people! A black man with a badge means trouble I hope he gets killed.