Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Meth Town Back Door Meeting Money Shot

The TLDR a nice shot of political embarrassment that probably still won't change the status quo in this sketchy town.


Independence City Council members hold backdoor meetings with man convicted of bribery

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Independence city leaders have been holding backdoor meetings with a man who went to prison for bribing a city councilman. The meetings involved controversial projects that cost the city millions of dollars. John Carnes is a local attorney and a former Jackson County legislator who several years ago served as an Independence City Council member.


Anonymous said...

just trying to keep up with kansas city

Anonymous said...

Where is Victor Callahan in all of this, cause you know he's right in the middle if it. Bought and paid for state senator in Johnny Joe, bought and paid for mayor in weir. Half the council in place have ties to him too.

Anonymous said...

once a player always a player cant give up that kind of life

Anonymous said...

Weir has a really nice set of tits. Why didn’t TKC use this opportunity to display them? Is there even more conspiracy?