Friday, November 30, 2018

Lady Kangaroo Against Hillary Clinton

Yes, it's from the city college paper but it's actually quite impressive and breaks the mold for typical campus discourse. Take a look:

I'm Not With Her - Why Hillary Shouldn't Run Again

People don't have to know me for long before they learn about (or at least begin to suspect) my political views. I'm an intern at the Women's Center on campus, I wear a pin on my bag that says "feminist as f*ck," I'm openly queer, and I have piercings, tattoos and pink hair.


Anonymous said...

"I wear a pin on my bag that says “feminist as f*ck,” I’m openly queer, and I have piercings, tattoos and pink hair." I'm glad she got her street cred out of the way.

Anonymous said...

I love how EVERYONE does not want Hillary to run, yet Hillary is such a selfish, demented bitch she's like, I don't care, I'm still considering it.

Anonymous said...

With all of this person's "credentials, credibility, and accomplishments", I'm sure she'll provide great leadership for the next "movement" that huge throngs will gather around.
Anyone with some actual serious ideas at UMKC?

Anonymous said...

Hillary is a sick pathetic little women. She has an illness and had another coughing fit while she was on her speaking tour, but power means so much to her she can't handle the fact that she was defeated twice by a rookie politician and a business man that she will put her health on the line. Her illness is getting worse and how is she going to travel when she wears a body brace and can't even walk down a flight of stairs. Plus she has no experience just look at how she and Obama botched Benghazi and then blamed the American people.

Oh and don't forget she said all black people look alike! Black people do you believe that? Do you support her?

Anonymous said...

Being openly queer and wearing offensive words on a button is ok. But a make America Great Again hat is not. Snowflakes are so messed up.

By rights said...

I liked this young woman's column. We may not agree on anything else but her take on Hillary is 100% correct.

Nice work!

Anonymous said...

Terrific Hilary stuff right here! I mean she isn't running for anything and look how she triggers the geriatrics! Poor little triggered shit-flakes!

Anonymous said...

^^^ Put on your pussy hat and go back to bed junior.

Anonymous said...

^^You got him pal! Good work. They want you dead, but you stood and fought him down. Can we count on you when the time comes to rise up and take the country back from folks like him?

Anonymous said...


What happens when a small town misfit moves to the big city(KCMO) for college?

She comes out as QUEER, and starts defiling her body with piercings, tattoos and pink hair. But it never occurs to her that she's acting out of self-hatred.

Because she can't admit that she secretly loathes herself for being a victim, after she self-mutilates, she transfers her anger onto an imagined oppressor.

It must be the fault of domineering men, conservative politicians, white institutional racism, whatever. Anything that doesn't require her to stand on her own 2 feet and take responsibility for self. Being a perma-victim is oh so much easier.

As long as she leaves me alone, I'm fine with her stating "I'm feminist as fuck, openly queer, and have piercings, tattoos and pink hair." I do wonder why she feels the need to throw that personal information into strangers faces upon first meeting. And since she believes in non-discrimination, I'm sure she would be fine with millions of men proclaiming "I'm chauvinist as fuck, proudly heterosexual, like sports/hunting/fishing, and stand for the national anthem."