Monday, November 26, 2018

Kraske Touts Lower KCPS Expectations

A milestone for KCPS but only because Missouri officials are tired of dealing with a problem district that has caused bad PR for years.

A better guage of progress is attendance which has been decimate and now only picks up by way of Charter Schools. Checkit:

KC public schools could earn full accreditation next spring | The Kansas City Star


Anonymous said...

As usual, the poorly-informed Kraske seems to not understand that KCPS is only one of many school districts in KCMO and has shrunk from over 75K to just 17K students.
And to imagine that accreditation is going to somehow be attractive to corporations considering locating to KC is a joke.
Parents choosing a school district for their children are highly unlikely to choose KCPS with all the other excellent districts as well as charters and private schools around.
Kraske recently opined about the "black/brown" coalition, apparently from briefly leaving his lily white JoCo neighborhood and stopping at Taco Bell and Churches.
He needs to get back to writing about renaming the Nichols Fountain and continuing his desperate hunt for those threatening Confederate statues.
What a joke!

Anonymous said...

^^ So true.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Now its not academics but attendance that will bring Tony around. The district regaining accreditation will only mean white people lose another excuse for their racism. Charters will still underperform, siphoning resources. Nothing will change. KCPS could become the black Blue Valley and white people still would not want to put their kids with black students. Hopefully KCPS can keep up the improvement and keep Bedell.

Anonymous said...

^^^"Accredited" does not mean "good." It only means the district has finally achieved basic minumum standards. Give KCPS more money and it will disappear down the rat hole with no effect on academic results. Always has, always will.