Thursday, November 29, 2018

KCK Top Cop Confronts Sweet Deal Lawsuit

Drama over a lake house residence and general pushback against law enforcement overall has this law enforcement official fighting a legal battle. Read more:

Activists sue KCK over police chief lease deal

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - Activists have filed a theft of housing lawsuit against the Unified Government of Kansas City, Kansas, based on a lease deal that KCK's police chief has with the UG. In the suit, Ron and Janice Witt call for Police Chief Terry Zeigler to be removed from his job and turn over the lake house property where he currently resides to the UG.


Anonymous said...

At least he was paying something, we get stuck paying for kcmo upper management to live in condos downtown, utilities included

Quinton Tellis said...

Janice Witt can't get elected to public office so now we have a nice, expensive shitshow for the county to deal with. Another African in America spreading her sunshine. I hope her fat black ass gets counter-sued.

Anonymous said...

^^Yes! These "African Americans are not "true" Americans...YOU are! They want your stuff! You sound like strong American fighter. Can we count on you when the time comes to take the country back?

Anonymous said...

I'm sure mayor alvey is going to get to the bottom of this ... NOT!

They were charged 140 bucks for sunshine act requests but the UG didn't turn over anything. This story stinks. Free luxury housing for a top cop bureaucrat. Bpu is raping the rate payers while this punk gets freebies.

Alvey will be bold and innovative at finding new ways to further enrich the fire and police unions.