Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Kansas Legal Gun Crime Crackdown

Public radio celebrates lawyers targeting gun sellers as a new crusade in the current debate over protection of the 2nd Amendment vs. risk to the public by mass shooters.

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Kansas Case Shows An Emerging Tactic In The Gun-Control Battle: Taking Retailers To Court

If you want to know how a felon buys a gun, think about how a teenager might buy alcohol. First, find a willing friend or family member, or maybe even a stranger at a liquor store who wants to make a quick buck. Then give this person some cash, tell them your drink of choice, and wait.


Anonymous said...

Nuisance lawsuits: anybody can file one. The defendant usually decides to save the time, trouble and expense it would take to go to trial, and just settle. The idiot media then claim the settlement, in which the defendant ALWAYS disclaims liability, was a victory rather than a shakedown.

Anonymous said...


Sue WalMart (they have deep pockets) because some yahoo bought a shotgun at one of their stores and then resold it to the lunatic Frazier Glenn Cross.

WalMart had NO knowledge or participation about what these 2 were doing.

Those suing are looking for EASY money, while on a political anti-gun crusade. If successful, they will contribute to you paying higher prices at WalMart and perhaps not being able to buy your deer hunting supplies at a store near you.

Dismiss the case.

Anonymous said...

Pubic Radio... What did you expect?