Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Kansas City Wednesday Morning Roundup

We take our panty news seriously around this play and right now we match up promo hotness with biz reality -- cheek to cheek!!!

SunUK: Shocking Instagram account reveals how Victoria’s Secret models ‘edit photos to shrink waists, add curves and change their jawlines’

AdWeek: Victoria’s Secret Appoints a New CEO—and Is Relaunching a Major Category

Biz Insider: Victoria's Secret is bringing back swimwear after abandoning it nearly 3 years ago

Closer to home, we're checking these news links to start the day:

Kansas City Light Schedule

Local holiday lighting ceremonies happening this week

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas and starting Wednesday, it will feel like it, too. There are three lighting ceremonies you won't want to miss. Those shiny, sparkly, colorful bulbs of happiness remind you that every passing day is a step closer to Christmas.

Newspaper Pushes Cowtown KICK-ASS War Machine Flyover Propaganda

Navy's Blue Angels fly to appear in KC Air Show | The Kansas City Star

Pilots with the U.S. Navy's Blue Angels flew into Kansas City Tuesday afternoon to announce that they will appear in the KC Air Show next summer at the Wheeler Downtown Airport. The air show will be held on July 6.

Local Porch Pirates Abound

Tips to stop porch pirates from taking off with your holiday gifts

OVERLAND PARK, KS (KCTV) -- With the holiday season right around the corner, local police departments want you to protect your packages to prevent porch pirates from taking off with your gifts. The Overland Park police chief played the part of a package thief to use humor to share tips to keep your deliveries safe.

Lesson In Kansas EXCELLENCE

KCK teacher, known for teaching English to multicultural students, named Kansas teacher of the year

KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- It's more than an award. A special accolade for a Wyandotte County teacher said being named top of her profession is a golden chance to grow. "I'm just very appreciative of this opportunity and proud to be a teacher from KCK," Wyandotte High School teacher Whitney Morgan told FOX4.

Good Guy Caught In Culture War

Shawnee Resident Whose Bike-Repair Business Helped His Native Gambia Faces Deportation

Abdoulie Fatajo, a Shawnee, Kansas, philanthropist and community leader from Gambia, was arrested and detained by Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) on November 9. He's being held at the Morgan County Detention Center in Versailles, Missouri.

KCK Inspiration

KCK police sergeant widow's message to others: 'No shame in not being OK'

Lindsey Doolittle is now in a club that she never knew existed -- or ever wanted to be in. "My husband did not reach out for help. I wish he would of," Doolittle said. Three days before his 35th birthday, Kansas City, Kansas, police Sgt. Brett Doolittle took his own life.

KCPS Reaches Out For Help

KCPS Community Engagement Meeting

Kansas City Public School Board members met Thursday to discuss upcoming events, the 2019 enrollment marketing campaign, and overall goals regarding the District's community engagement efforts. This is a committee of the board that is focused on the functions and roles and responsibilities around communications and community engagement as it relates to the Board's governance work.

A$AP Rocky - Sundress is the song of the day and this is our OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


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Whats in Kansas City? Cows?

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Don't forget to stay away from Romaine Lettuce

Yuh want a side of E-Coli wit dat burrito?

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Yes we have cows in Kansas City and damn proud of it!

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and we have geezers who do nothing but complain all day so there's that!

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No doubt 8:08 will be sniffing his grannies panties when he takes a Thanksgiving trip to grandma's house tomorrow. Hope you get a wet skid mark to lick loser¡

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^^No doubt you will be going nowhere on Thanksgiving. Anyone you've ever met wants nothing to do with you! Enjoy being alone!Loser

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Best part of arriving early for the fashion show? Choosing the best seat in the house!!!

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I’d screw every one of them Victoria Secrets gals, except the colored ones. Not into the swirl.