Kansas City Tarzan The Lawman Reps Captured Katfish The Alligator

Kansas City billboard celebrities defend one of many local lovable reptiles . . .

Fox4: Katfish the alligator and KC owner represented by Jungle Law attorneys


"I feel like when there is an exotic animal in Kansas City, it makes sense to call Jungle law, so people tend to reach out to us," Jungle Law attorney Lauren Sierra said.

Two of the firm's newest clients are Katfish and Casey.

"I knew he was passionate about this animal. He grew him up from 12 inches to almost 7-and-a-half feet, now 200 pounds," Jungle Law attorney Tristen Woods said. "He's very well-kept. He said he kept him better than he does himself, and by looking at him, I think that is the truth."

KC Animal Control took Katfish on Nov. 7 after Casey was evicted from his home. Animal control also seized three pythons and a rabbit.

"Katfish is a remarkable alligator because, as you know from personal experience, he is pretty friendly," Sierra said. "We just want to make sure that everything that's required in his lifestyle is available to him."

Developing . . .


  1. Garbage people

  2. Let him him keep the animal if he moves somewhere he can keep it legally.

  3. Put it in the basement with butt boi.

  4. I hope Tarzan the legal vine swinger is doing great because I love his billboards.



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