Thursday, November 08, 2018

Kansas City Poseur Crackdown

Interesting report on photogs, newlyweds and all manner of photo shoots increasingly blocking traffic in urban core Kansas City and subsequently confronting neighborhood rebuke. Checklist:

No photographers, please: Some of the metro's top spots are banning photo shoots

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Photographers who normally compete against one another for business are now working together for a common cause. Businesses and iconic KC spots are shutting them down because of a few bad apples they say don't represent photographers as a whole.


Anonymous said...

The photogs should pool their money and build their own West Bottoms and take pics there. Problem solved.

Anonymous said...

There are often sexy swimsuit models though (in milder weather) so let's not be so hasty. Radish has riden by a very sexy fitness model shoot on the woodswether bridge and some other west bottoms locations as well. But admittedly that is the rare exception. 19th century industrial ruins are so hot right now for wedding party pictures of Oak Grove and Raymore fat brides.