Tuesday, November 20, 2018


NextGen culture war update and as local youngsters offer a lesson in inclusion for all of this town's media watchers of an increasingly divisive discourse. Today's lesson, it's never getting any better:

Kansas City High School Students Walk Out In Support Of Transgender Rights

Dozens of Oak Park High School students walked out of class Tuesday in protest of the Trump administration's plans to roll back Title IX protections for transgender people. "They're trying to take my joy with myself away," transgender senior Avery Fox told the crowd in North Kansas City.


Anonymous said...

Why do they need special protections? People get harassed and hassled and made fun of for ALL KINDS OF REASONS! Too tall, too short, too fat, too skinny, too smart, too dumb, doing dumb things, etc., etc.

They need to toughen up and learn to deal with adversity if they're going to live an alternative lifestyle. That goes for people with face tattoos or other lifestyle choices.

Don't understand the special protections they get afforded because of their sexuality lifestyle stuff?

Anonymous said...

"They're trying to take my joy with myself away"

Obviously this kid would last about 3 seconds in boot camp before crumpling into a quivering heap.


Anonymous said...

Just because someone believes they’re a women doesn’t make it so.

Anonymous said...

Their parents must be very embarrassed at having freaks like these.

Anonymous said...

Write this down: Homosexuals and transgendered are the textbook definitions of aberrent sexual behavior no matter how hard the post modern leftists try to change reality.

Are they deserving of physical violence? No, but they're not deserving of special made up 'rights' that everyone else doesn't get, neither.

Anonymous said...

they should schedule big tests during that period that if you aren't present you will get a F. Let the parents decide if their stupid child should walkout and hurt their grades : which seems worth wile for a supposed cause they believe in. After all most parents will agree that "grades" do not define the student.

Anonymous said...

Bus them to Fairy Village.

Anonymous said...

WTF, what rights are they being denied? The right to bear arms, free speech, or to vote?

Anonymous said...

Faggots and lesbians are bad enough but transgenders is way worse. Fred Phelps was right.

Anonymous said...

The story should read "Hundreds of Oak Park students refused to walk out of class Tuesday.... We're tired of watching Avery have joy with him/her/it self," they said.

Anonymous said...

Jack and Jill,

Went up the hill,

So Jack could see Jill's fanny,

But Jack got a shock,

And an eyeful of cock,

Because Jill was a closet tranny.

Anonymous said...

What are these freaks planning on doing after high school? They’re going to have to move to California Being a tranny freak doesn’t pay all that well.

Anonymous said...

Man, there's some fat uglies in that group. Don't blame them for anti bullying since it's obvious they be great targets.

Anonymous said...


Message: It's hip to be transgender.

If you're born with male/female anatomy, but at some point in your life, for some reason, you decide your creation was a mistake, then it's perfectly normal to get surgery/hormone/psychological therapy to make the change.

Despite the fact that transgenders make up a fraction of 1-percent of the population, and the whole transformation process is only a recent modern invention, the media tells you that it's perfectly normal as they promote it to further fracture the traditional family unit.

First came "women's emancipation" which liberated 50-percent of the American population from focusing on strong families and sent them into the workforce. Mothers and children were separated. Uncle Sam got 50-percent more withholding taxes. The new normal became "both parents need to work." Price inflation for all consumables.

Then came the birth control pill (1960's) and abortion on-demand (1970's). Sex without the commitment.

This was accompanied by widespread recreational drug use.

Then the "women's liberation" movement further politicized differences between the sexes and encouraged women to be angry/resentful at men. Women were told that they were victims of a male patriarchy.

Then came the "gay pride" movement which was eclipsed by a slicker marketing plan that came to be known as LGBT or LGBTQ or whatever the current letters are now. The name change was necessitated because the public came to associate "gay" with the "HIV/AIDS" epidemic.

And currently, the media remains in full-swing attempting to convince all youth that they truly are unique special snowflakes deserving of safe spaces, endless gender pronouns, free college, guaranteed easy jobs, and no one should ever criticize them or frown at them.

Anonymous said...

SPELLING 101 FAIL!!!!!!!

Please note the discrepancy between the blue wall banner and the poster being held, when it comes to the word "Existance vs. Existence"!

And these are high school students who purposely attracted attention toward themselves?

Still Losing!