Thursday, November 22, 2018

Kansas City Thursday News Serving

Quick collection of some of the top local news links for right now as we offer a somewhat nicer look at this town and consider all perspectives . . .

Kansas City Waddle Weekend

6 Thankful Things To Do In Kansas City This Weekend

Family comes first at Thanksgiving, including finding things to do with - or without - family members. Let's talk turkey: Entertainments and activities that can distract from mom's tragically burnt stuffing or a visiting relative's relentless political opinions can be especially helpful during the gathering season, including this weekend's handy batch of go-and-dos to thankfully share - or not - with those we hold dear.

City College High Society

Napoleon takes over the Nelson-Atkins

There's an old joke that Napoleon is short in stature, but at the Nelson-Atkins his presence is larger than life. The exhibition "Napoleon: Power and Splendor" began on Oct. 26 at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art.

Activist Tribute

Free Hot Soup KC hits the streets to do the right thing | The Kansas City Star

I can tame a knife fight with the right group of people and a cup of hot soup. For this reason, my reputation as a Souper precedes me through every dark alley in town, and I am privileged for it.

Locals Need Help All Year Around

Thousands of dollars in tools stolen from metro Habitat for Humanity chapter's trailer

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. - A group of volunteers got an unwelcome realization Wednesday morning. They showed up to lend a helping hand and discovered their help wouldn't be needed after all. Volunteers with the Truman Heritage branch of Habitat for Humanity arrived to find someone helped themselves to tools and other supplies worth thousands of dollars.

Troop Comeback

Special family moments at KCI on busy Thanksgiving travel day

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Thanksgiving travel season was in full swing on Wednesday as plenty of special arrivals and greetings took place at Kansas City International Airport. This year, KCI expects to see around 430,000 people travel through the airport for the holiday.

Make KC Give Again!!!

Gift guide: 12 Kansas City-stuffed stocking stuffers

Startland News presents its annual gift guide of Kansas City-made products to celebrate dozens of KC makers and give readers curated shopping hints. Check out selections for last-minute (or not) stocking stuffers below. (Have more ideas? Leave them for readers in the comments below.

Kansas City #TBT

Look at Country Club Plaza lights from years past

89th Annual Country Club Plaza Lighting set for Thanksgiving night

Sam & Dave - I Thank You 1969 is the #TBT song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...


Bu tare really named "Veggie"?

Anonymous said...

^^^^(Sorry, haven't had coffee yet.)

...But are they BOTH named "Veggie"?...

Anonymous said...

The new mall owners have taken the Plaza to a new low. This year is ruined by Gary Lezak and Sly James, but then again it's their kind of place now, kinda carnival like. Sad they didn't pick someone who would have loved to flip the switch, I know there's a lot of people who could have been chosen for the first time.

Anonymous said...

PETA lesbians eat pussy which is the other pink meat so there should be no problem eating a turkey.

Anonymous said...

Free Hot Soup is nothing but a bunch of self righteous media hungry whores

Anonymous said...

Flipping the switch is supposed to be for deserving individuals that have done something amazing for someone or their community, neither of those clowns should be anywhere near the switch, since when did this become about celebrity instead of regular people who’ve done something great or above and beyond? I’m talking about ordinary citizens here

Anonymous said...

What is the Plaza? Isn't it in Leawood, Kansas?

A Moment of Your Time Please said...

James flipping the switch is an all time low blow to the people of Kansas City. Just shows you how bad black people are causing the downfall of the Plaza area. And what does the Plaza do about it? Not a damn thing! They have allowed the blacks to take over the Plaza and run the good white folks off.

Hey James, where are the trash bags people were promised years ago?