Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Kansas City News Serving Tonight

First, just a bit of admiration and a look at one of the most underrated Internets hotties . . . Charlie is an exceptionally smart International modeling vixen. According to her wiki, after winning awards in Canada for chess as a child prodigy, she went on to study Criminology and Forensic Sciences at the University of Toronto.

And speaking of fitness for the holidays . . .

Biz Insider: How to do keto on Thanksgiving without losing your mind

MH: How to Stick to Your Keto Diet and Still Enjoy the Holiday Season

Closer to home, here's a smorgasbord of local news links are work gnawing over as well . . .

Kansas City Mobile Crisis Tech Fix
911 solution comes to Kansas City
Helling Has An Opinion!!!

Who holds all the power in KC? Not the mayor or City Council | The Kansas City Star

Kansas City's mayoral and City Council campaigns will begin in earnest in a few weeks after the holidays are over. After spending the fall fundraising and plotting strategy, candidates soon will be seriously discussing actual issues. What will those issues be? The airport, certainly. Affordable housing and incentives for businesses.

Finishing The Job

Seritage reveals its plans for former Sears site in Overland Park - Kansas City Business Journal

Seritage Growth Properties has a plan to demolish the 209,000-square-foot former Metcalf South anchor Sears and develop a new mixed-use development on its 4.46 acres, including an apartment building, four restaurants, a retail strip, a commercial fitness center and movie theater.

KC Metro Porch Pirate Prevention

We tested a device that is supposed to stop porch pirates - here's what we found

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - Another shipping season is here, without an answer to stopping porch pirates. "I wish I had the answer to that," Paul Swoboda, a longtime United States Postal Service employee said. "I guess just tell people to quit being bad!" The good news is, there are better options to keep thieves away.

More Fanboy Merch For Sale

Mahomes' game-worn jersey from Chiefs-Rams game up for auction

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The NFL is auctioning off what many would call a piece of Kansas City Chiefs history: Patrick Mahomes' game-worn jersey from Monday night's game against the Rams. That's right. The jersey the beloved Chiefs quarterback wore in the highest-scoring Monday night game ever played could be yours -- for a price.

Meanie Foodie Plays Nice At Iconic Kansas City Bar After Blowup

All the Yums - JJ's

Ok, sorry about that title. But I just drove 9 hours from a 90th birthday party and it's all I could come up with. I'm sure most of you know JJ's down on the plaza. Maybe you know them from their massive wine list, their tasty apps or fond memories of their old location.

Put The Phone DOWN

No more FOMO? Cutting back on Facebook, Snapchat will make you less depressed and lonely, study says

All those likes, shares, videos, posts and stories on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat could be making you depressed and lonely. That's according to a new study, conducted by psychologists at the University of Pennsylvania and published in the Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, that for the first time, establishes a causal link between time spent on social media and feelings of depression or loneliness.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

You mean to say that Helling is still alive?
His face gets grayer and grayer every week on Ruckus.
And his career coming to an end as a member of the Star editorial board has to be a bit disappointing.
Hard-hitting journalism!

Anonymous said...

Man, that Charlie is smokin hawt!

Anonymous said...


Returning from a Canadian photo-shoot with caribou steaks and looking hotter than ever, we ate quick and Charlie took the bone Inuit!!!

Werner Herzog said...

Porch pirates have become a common part of daily life.

What further descent into third world madness will we be talking about two years from now.

Anonymous said...

^^Who knows? Thing is, you won't be around to see it. Better go find something productive to do with the time you've got left geezer, this ain't cutting it!