Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Kansas City NatGeo Clickbait Winning!!!

We linked this one early in the morning and most of the day newsies were dedicated to celebrating this low rent mention from another struggling news outlet.

Main title:

Kansas City is the only U.S. destination among National Geographic's best trips for 2019

A bit more detail and the whole article for subscribers:

National Geographic Traveler names Kansas City a best trip for 2019 - Kansas City Business Journal

National Geographic Traveler just published its list of the 28 destinations most exciting destinations for the year ahead, and Kansas City is the only American destination on the list in the city category. Three other U.S. sites made the list for adventure, culture and nature.


Anonymous said...

If KC didn't make the cut in the adventure, culture, or nature categories, what exactly were the criteria for choosing it.
Surely a high murder rate wasn't one of the choices!

Anonymous said...

Oakland is on the list. It MUST be about murder rates.