Thursday, November 08, 2018

Kansas City Midterm Aftermath Ruckus

In Kansas there was a blue wave, in Missouri the red dawn of GOP hegemony endured . . . For our most dedicated denizens of the local discourse. Check THE LONGTIME GOLD STANDARD OF KANSAS CITY POLITICAL DISCOURSE reviewing an interpreting the midterm 2018 election aftermath.


"Mike Shanin talks to Dole Institute Director Bill Lacy about midterm election results and trends. Steve Rose, Woody Cozad and Mary Anne Murray Simons discuss some of the national trends in the midterm election and analyze the results of some of the key races in Kansas and Missouri."

Take a look:

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

Good stuff. Shanin does a service to all of Kansas City by talking about the elections without all the hype the cable news stations engage in.

Greedo said...

Rose called the Kansas elections. Gotta give the man credit for that.

Anonymous said...

One term credit only.

Donald T. Rump said...

As we have watched this election cycle, Shannon's biases have become more and more apparent, and now his strident right-wing devotion has bloomed in full.

His frantic rush to change the subject as soon as the subject of the President's rude behavior was a "tell", but the most blatant example shown was his adoption of the Extreme Right's jargon, when he said " that Kansas has a DEMOCRAT Governor,,,"!

Mister Shannon, as much as you and the rest of the Far Right may wish it was otherwise, it is the DEMOCRATIC Party!

So, if you want to maintain any of the ragged shreds of your journalistic credibility, stop acting like a minor-league Rush Limbauh with his teeth brushed.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Liberals win an election and STILL have their panties in a bunch! Too funny!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

5:54 comment With respect, if you wish to be taken seriously, you should actually spell the name of your target correctly. The name of the Ruckus host is Mike Shanin.
And you also failed on Limbaugh.

Just like a member of this Ruckus panel, I'm a "freelance writer/consultant"! That means I leave comments on this TKC blog.

KCpedia said...

Kansas did not experience a "blue wave". With the exception of 9 counties, KS was solid red. When looking at the election map, it is crystal clear the urban population counties went blue, while all out-state was red.

This illustrates the importance of the Electoral College in presidential elections.