Friday, November 23, 2018

Kansas City Legacy Of Movie Censorship

Great bit of local history as locals ruined a classic:

In those days, local communities could censor films, and K.C. demanded 34 cuts including the climax, because the movie “shows cruelty and tends to debase morals.” Despite that (or because of it), the film was an enormous hit.

Take a look:

Monster Hit 'Frankenstein' Caused a Scandal in Kansas City in 1931


Anonymous said...

Today, Kansas City would demand changes if the movie did not show cruelty and tend to debase morals. And there was no gunfight in the film, which would be a problem - maybe the Frankenstein monster could meet the villagers armed with a bunderbuss.

Anonymous said...

Aren’t most movie censors and critics homosexuals ? I bet they would like to see Frankenstein’s big dick.