Monday, November 26, 2018

Kansas City Holiday Alert: One Of Many Ways Dangerous Metro Malls Can Rip-Off Shoppers

A quick guide to keeping safe and a reminder that gunfire & crooks cruising the local malls aren't the only threat . . . Here's more insight as to why retail is dead. Read more:

Worried about identity theft? Here are a few ways shoppers can protect themselves

During the three days between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday, the National Retail Federation expected 164 million U.S. consumers shop in some way, shape or form. With every swipe of a credit or debit card, all those people also risk having personal information stolen by identity thieves, but experts said there are some things consumers can do to protect sensitive information.


Anonymous said...

The only sure-fire way to protect yourself is to not bank or make purchases online.

Short of that, your best bet is to buy a device (laptop, ipad, iphone) that you use EXCLUSIVELY for online transactions - no browsing, email, putzing around, etc., on this device, only purchases. This greatly reduces your exposure to viruses, trojans, etc.

Anonymous said...

Use bitcoin. At least then you KNOW you're getting ripped off.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Google, Facebook, and even Twitter protect your privacy and information.

Anonymous said...

Oh no! What do we do? I mean, we’re all old and don’t know how to work the computer stuff????? I’ m scared!

Quinton Tellis said...

Avoid Blacks. Happy Shopping !