Thursday, November 29, 2018

Kansas City Gas Prices Plummet

As GM slashes jobs, here's one of many reasons everybody is buying trucks & SUVs instead of sedans . . .

Gas drops below $2 per gallon in Kansas City

Kansas City drivers are feeling less pain at the pump these days. Gas prices have dropped in November, falling below $2 per gallon at five Kansas City metro-area gas stations Thursday morning. Experts say low crude oil prices are responsible for the lower gasoline prices nationwide.


Anonymous said...

Thank You President Trump! $1.98

Loser Barry $3.98


Anonymous said...

Thank you Republicans. Sarah Palin and President Trump. Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Trump best Pres. ever! No workplace violence on top of low gas price and booming retail sales.

Anonymous said...

Sorry MAGA.

Obama, February 2016, National average $1.83.

Trump loses to history again. Just like Trump's worse job numbers and the stock market. Obama has him beat.

The only race Trump wins is number of indictments. He is the best ever at that.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Has Trump been indicted for Russian collusion? Keep popping off junior.

Anonymous said...

MAGA! Trump is the best! Don't believe anything else! Statistics are false! The past is a lie cooked up by libtards! The press is your enemy. They are overrunning your boarders! The left hates you! There is no such thing as global warming! Scientists are tools of the left! Most Americans are lazy! Take your country back! Remember to hate everyone who doesn't think like you! The're coming for your guns!

Anonymous said...

You fucking morons have no idea how markets and production capacity work. Trump has as much to do with gas prices as my cat. Dumbshits.

Anonymous said...

Many members of Trump's administration, campaign, lawyers and staff have been indicted just from Mueller's investigation. 35 people so far.

Additionally, there have been several resignations from his cabinet for waste fraud and abuse.

Indictments in the Obama administration? Zero in eight years.

Trump wins the most corrupt ever race. Bigly.