Friday, November 30, 2018

Kansas City Fears Prez Trump Trade War???

Artsy local biz agreement with public radio on the topic of a global trade battle. Take a look:

For A Kansas City Company Known For Its Metal Art And Architecture, Tariffs Add Complexities

Back in March, President Donald Trump announced tariffs, or import taxes, on steel and aluminum from countries around the globe: 25 percent for steel and 10 percent for aluminum. These tariffs have had an impact on agriculture, and consumers, but they've also affected creative industries, including A.


Anonymous said...

Fresh Babble

Anonymous said...

Trump is killing the low-rent white-trash of America! Good work Donnie!

Anonymous said...

^^^Take an Econ class, neckbeard. It is hilarious to see the environmentalist left suddenly complain about higher commodity prices. How do think China became the low cost producer of steel? They have no EPA, and they use slave labor. Derp.

Anonymous said...

^^Right! That guy and people like him are not Americans! Trump is doing his best! MAGA! Keep hating on those who don't agree! remember buddy...there is no collusion.