Sunday, November 25, 2018

Kansas City Faith Life Revealed

A great look at local vocations and clerics practicing what they preach throughout this cowtown. Checkit:

You'll Find Clergy In All Sorts Of Places Around Kansas City

Keith Brown is a Protestant pastor who works in an elementary charter school, not a church. Jonathan Rudnick is a rabbi who doesn't work in a synagogue but as a "community rabbi." And Sulaiman Z. Salaam Jr. is an imam at a small mosque, but to earn a living, he operates a franchise restaurant at the Independence Center shopping mall.


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Welcome to Hell

Anonymous said...

Man says "God says"

Unknown said...

And what are the KANSAS CITY ATHEIST COALITION boys doing for anyone? Carrying protest signs and holding meetings? Come on Josh, what are the big plans for 2019? LOL!

Anonymous said...

And, no, Presby proud Billy is not mentioning all the ordained who nursed and administered in all the metro hospitals FOR MANY GENERATIONS, which are/were affiliated with CATHOLICS!

Very many of the fams I grew up around in the Strawberry Hill hood and beyond in the Dotte (Those Catlick Krauts-Micks-Spicks-Hunkies-whatever) were tended to by some angels of mercy from birth to burial.

My middle name chosen by my mom is honor to the Carmelite nun who worked at Providence on 18th Street. She was my dad's classmate at Bishop Ward.

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I imagine being a preacher, no matter what brand, would be a good way to get a lot of pussy..

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religion is for idiots.