Thursday, November 29, 2018

Kansas City Evening News Link Blast

Classic songstress delves into the culture war for her new release . . .

Grio: Mariah Carey Angers White Fans After Showing Support For Colin Kaepernick

Rolling Stone: Mariah Carey Made Her Best Album of the Decade by Taking Back Control

The Root: Mariah Carey Posts Pic With Kaepernick—and Social Media Promptly Forgets She's Black

Closer to home, here are the news links worth a peek tonight:

Another Kind Of KCI Panic

Passenger's smoking suitcase headed to Kansas City causes disruption at Boston airport

BOSTON (AP) - The Transportation Security Administration says smoke pouring from a suitcase caused a temporary disruption at Boston's Logan International Airport over the holiday weekend. The agency in a statement Wednesday said the checked baggage screening area was evacuated for 49 minutes on Saturday morning to allow authorities, including the state police bomb squad, to investigate.

Connected Until Acquisition

Sprint 1 Million Project supplies internet for disconnected students | The Kansas City Star

Kansas City Mayor Sly James emphasized the importance of education in helping Sprint announce a doubling of its program to bring free home internet service to disconnected students.

Local Route Redux

18th Street Bridge in KCK opens Friday after 6 months of repairs

KANSAS CITY, KS (KCTV) -- The U.S. Highway 69/18th Street Expressway bridge over the Kansas River will open to traffic Friday afternoon after months of repair work. The Kansas Department of Transportation says drivers should not expect to drive on it until noon.

KCMO Water Dept. Hate Waldo

Waldo home and business owners frustrated by water shut off with little warning

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Imagine turning on your faucet, only to learn the water's shut off. Businesses and homeowners in Waldo say it happened to them with little to no warning. Business is back to normal at Bier Station in Waldo after an unpleasant surprise right before the lunch rush Wednesday.

Golden Ghetto Needs Help

Johnson County Christmas Bureau has urgent need for canned vegetables

The Johnson County Christmas Bureau is in desperate need of your help - they're running low on canned vegetable donations. The non-profit collects donations to provide groceries, personal care items, holiday gifts, warm clothes and more for families in need around the holidays.

Doggie Good News

Thanks to social media, a dog is reunited with family

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) --Thanks to the hard work of some social media sleuths, a dog is back with his family after going missing more than two years ago. 9-year-old Bono went missing more than two years ago. "I let him out to use the restroom and I went back to get him and couldn't find him," said Theodore Armstrong, owns dog.

Kansas City Artsy Survivor

Awaiting A Second Transplant, This Kansas City Artist Keeps Trying To 'Live Life To The Fullest'

Artist and pastor Dylan Mortimer had just moved with his family from Kansas City to Brooklyn, New York, for an adventure the last time he spoke to KCUR. Mortimer, who was born with cystic fibrosis, said he had never had so much freedom of movement.

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Anonymous said...

bring free home internet service to disconnected students

LOL great(de)educational program there Slick

Anonymous said...

Goggle (the honest ones) came to KC with their half baked lab rat trial and error build out.. of course Sly the idiot tweeter in chief he is bought it lock stock and barrel

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to the Sillycon Startup Village?

Anonymous said...

let the internet babysit the kids smart educational philosophy

Anonymous said...

Waldo home and business owners frustrated by water shut off with little warning

Water department crews say fuck dat shit they want warning city payz me double going rate. Fuck em!

Anonymous said...

Mariah Carey isn't very smart is she. She just committed career suicide!

Anonymous said...

Well vat you know? If Mariah and Kapperdick make baby, bet it would be white.

Anonymous said...

Sprint will increase your price for services to pay for the free ones.

Anonymous said...

Yes..everything is bad. Only the repubs are good! Remember, Russia is your friend! There was no collusion. MAGA! Best president ever! You live in killa city baby! The left hates you and wants you dead! People who don't look like you are your enemy. Look at the corruption in this city. Keep fighting! Old people suck...millennial's are the should hate them! The government is taking your money! Rebel!

Anonymous said...

^^^ You're closer to getting it right boy.

Anonymous said...

^^correct you are my man. There is true revolt brewing and your country needs you. Can we count on you fight when the time comes? These liberals want your stuff. Don't give it to them. They aren't patriots by are!