Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Kansas City E-Bikes Coming Soon!?!!

The new tech app trend overshadows B-cyle and offers another alternative attempting to bandwagon the hipster craze . . . Meanwhile, nobody affiliated with this Kansas City effort is asking why somebody would want to share a bike seat with strangers.

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E-bikes to join ride-share program in Kansas City

First it was scooters. Now it's bicycles. Months after electric scooters came to Kansas City, RideKC and BikeWalkKC officials announced Tuesday a new partnership to bring shared-use electric assist bicycles the area. According to a news release, RideKC and BikeWalkKC will partner with Drop Mobility, a leading micro mobility provider, to launch this new fleet of smart e-bikes.


Anonymous said...

Nice use of taxpayer money.

Anonymous said...

I live in central KC but work in Gladstone. Will these bikes help me that far?

Anonymous said...

Will they have Titanium frames? I can't lift a heavy bike and I will insist on titanium.

Anonymous said...

So what’s the plan? We gonna become a third world city with everyone riding scooters?

Anonymous said...

In the NeuEconomy no one will own anything and we'll all just be wandering around in shared vehicles and rented rooms whilst enjoying our 4 or 5 "gigs."