Thursday, November 08, 2018

Kansas City Crime Roundup

Quick collection of crime new and update from around the metro:

Reptile Redux: Large Alligator Described as ‘Big Cuddly Lizard’ Removed From Missouri Hot Tub During Eviction

Meth Town Abuse Alleged: Independence mom says teacher assaulted her son, leaving scars on his forehead

Kansas Crusader No Longer Captive: Anti-abortion activist who shot Kansas abortion doctor freed

Local Tragedy aftermath: Grief-stricken KCK dad says 11-year-old son shot brother before shooting himself

Naming The Local Dead: Police identify man killed in Monday night crash

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

Fear Porn... Daily Dose

Anonymous said...

Before I heard the audio, I thought Maxine Waters was visiting KC.

Anonymous said...

Don't believe the meth town mom's story for an instant. Looking to get rich quick on her completely undisciplined child.