Kansas City Chiefs Vs. LA Rams Monday Night Match-up: Gluttonous & Gross

Mike Vaccaro is a real sports writer, working in a REAL city who isn't afraid of the NFL in the way that makes small time KC newsies run for cover and repeat dimwit lines from the front office.

Accordingly, his analysis of last night's big game is earning nationwide praise . . . Here's the money line:

It really is intoxicating.

But is it good? Is it too good? Because honestly, it feels like the ice-cream quandary. A little ice cream is a fantastic treat. A lot of ice cream — like one of those five-scoop banana splits with the works — is an outstanding indulgence. Plowing through 10 gallons at a sitting is gluttonous and gross.

And after further review Rams 54, Chiefs 51 seemed … well, a little gluttonous and a little gross.

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The dark underside of that crazy Rams-Chiefs offensive epic

In the moment? Damn. In the moment, it was spectacular, it was a rush, it was everything you could possibly ask out of a sporting event you waited all day to watch. The Kansas City Chiefs and the Los Angeles Rams filled the creaky old LA Coliseum on Monday night with enough thrills - and enough points - to carry a whole weekend.


  1. Good find. Mellinger has his moments but he's pretty limp when compared to this.

  2. It was more like a college game with the amount of scoring and no defense, doesn’t matter, both teams were exposed and now everybody knows how to beat them


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