Monday, November 19, 2018


The Kansas City Chiefs traded Marcus Peters because of NFL national anthem protest controversy and now that decision cost them a crucial game.

To wit . . .


Former Chiefs cornerback Marcus Peters got into Mahomes face and appeared to be taunting his former teammate. Peters even appeared to grab Mahomes at one point.

Of course, Twitter outrage broke the story.

Locals don't like mixing their politics with football the culture war implications of this nice guy vs. bad-ass protester drama are pretty hard to escape.

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If Only 'Almost' Counted . . .

Turnovers trump TDs on a near magnificent night for Patrick Mahomes

12:13 AM ET Adam TeicherESPN Staff Writer Close Covered Chiefs for 20 seasons for Kansas City Star Joined ESPN in 2013 LOS ANGELES -- Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes had more career firsts on Monday night, but these he would just as soon have lived without.


VIDEO: Marcus Peters Gets Revenge on Chiefs With Late Interception

By: Henry McKenna | 32 minutes ago Marcus Peters came up with a dagger. Peters made an important play in the Los Angeles Rams' 54-51 win over the Kansas City Chiefs, which was packed with offensive insanity. The Rams cornerback picked off quarterback Patrick Mahomes with 82 seconds left in the game after Mahomes got hit while he was throwing.

Staying Power

Rams outlast Chiefs in highest-scoring 'Monday Night Football' game ever

CLOSE LOS ANGELES - Instant classic. That pretty much sums up the much-hyped Monday night matchup that, well, lived up to the hype as the Los Angeles Rams outscored the Kansas City Chiefs 54-51 in undoubtedly the most wildly entertaining NFL offensive explosion ever staged at the historic Los Angeles Coliseum.

Historic Night

Records tumble as Los Angeles Rams win NFL game 54-51 against Kansas City Chiefs

The Los Angeles Rams and Kansas City Chiefs have played out an historic NFL shootout. The Rams eventually prevailed 54-51 - the first time two teams have both score more than 50 points in an NFL match. Rams quarterback Jared Goff threw a 40-yard touchdown pass to Gerald Everett for the go-ahead score with 1.49 to play.

Brace For More

Game Recap: Rams Hold On to Defeat Chiefs 54-51

The Rams downed the Chiefs in a thriller, improving to 10-1 on the season.

Shootout Recovery

L.A. Rams win shootout over Kansas City Chiefs in exciting Monday Night Football showdown

It's hard to believe, but the Kansas City Chiefs and Los Angeles Rams more than lived up to the hype in their showdown on Monday Night Football in Week 11. The instant classic featured a final score of 54-51 in the Rams win, but both teams showed why they will likely be playing well into the postseason on this exciting night of football.

Kansas City Loves Gun-play Metaphors For All Of Their Fallen Heroes

Rams beat Chiefs 54-51 in amazing shootout

In a game that that more than exceeded expectations, the Los Angeles Rams defeated the Kansas City Chiefs 54-51 in a game where the teams traded touchdowns and big defensive plays for a full sixty minutes. Full game stats from The Chiefs won the toss - for the first time in a row - and deferred to the second half.

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Anonymous said...

Crushed hopes in Kansas City yet again. Too bad.

Seems like we had a good team this year. Guess not.

Anonymous said...

Out of your mind much? This was an amazing game and the Chief proved a lot to their critics. Just about everyone realizes this was the best football 2018 has seen so far.

Anonymous said...

Chiefs should play horseshoe. Then their almost victories might count for more.

Gobi said...

Of course I expect nothing more than haters on TKC but if you really think about this game there is a lot of room to be excited about the rest of the season. You've got the Chiefs taking the national stage and giving a performance of a life time, the highest scoring game in MNF history now belongs to KC and I think it's obvious to everyone that our city's team is now playing playoff quality football every time out.

LA Rams fan said...

To all you bigoted trolls of Kansas City I have one thing to say, THANK YOU!!!!!!
Your city sent to us a wonderful football player in Marcus Peters. Your bigotry against black NFL players protesting jack-booted thug police who go about MURDERING black people and GETTING AWAY WITH IT.
Well, Marcus is in the care of a Super Bowl winning team while Kansas City will still be dreaming of it. PEACE OUT!!!

Anonymous said...

Playoff quality = We lose.

Big deal.

Agm said...

You're a good guy Gobi. Thanks for your comments!

Anonymous said...

A real defensive struggle, reminds me of dick vermeils teams, the offense couldn’t out score the defense, the wheels are coming off now and they will finish third and out of the playoffs, but hey, they always make the first half of the season exciting

Anonymous said...

Marcus get traded to the New Orleans Saints?

Anonymous said...

First 11:53 you’re right! giving up the most points ever is real promising! Hahahahaha!

Don’t worry chiefs fans, mahomie and hill will be playing for the patriots in two years, now that’s something to look forward too! Hahahahaha!

Anonymous said...

We just need a left tackle, and a defense and a new defensive coordinator the replace the senile old dumb fuck Bob Sutton. Our defense is terrible.

Cee Bee said...

It was Mahomes that forced that final interception much more than Peters' talent in catching it.
For those celebrating Peters, just wait. He has shown his ass here in KC and in LA. He is a showboat with an attitude problem. It is only a matter of time before he is released.
The Rams won't make it past the Saints anyway.
Mahomes showed how green he really is tonight, but maybe he has learned a lesson.
The bottom line is the Chiefs will have to beat a team like the Steelers or the Patriots to go to the Super Bowl. And even if they made it, I don't think anybody can top the Saints as long as they stay healthy.

Anonymous said...

A fun game to watch, but sloppy as hell on both sides. Teams that allow 50+ points do not win championships. It was the Rams and their below-average defense against the Chief's worst-in-the-league defense.

The Saints will win the Super Bowl. In a few years, Mahomes and Hill (and probably a few others) will move on to better-paying pastures

Anonymous said...

^^Yea right. The Chiefs will make Mahomes the highest paid player in the game in two years. Please don't ever comment on football again. You know nothing. Stick to the Real Housewives of whatever. It's more your speed.

Anonymous said...

MarkAss sucks white dick with smegma