Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Kansas City Chiefs Fanboys Secretly Love Denver Broncos Winning???

Another AFC West team is doing most of Kansas City's heavy lifting and this is possibly the 1st playoff advantage that makes sense . . . Checkit:

Kansas City Chiefs: Broncos continue to help out Chiefs in playoff race

Last week, the Denver Broncos barely edged out the Los Angeles Chargers on a last second field goal. That win prevented the Chargers continuing to creep up on the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC West race. This week, the Broncos continued to assist the Chiefs by beating the Pittsburgh Steelers.


Anonymous said...

Um, it's no secret, I wanted Denver to win. Helps Chiefs with home field in the playoffs.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^^^^^ Excellent point.

Anonymous said...

I'll root for anyone against the Steelers, even the friggen Cowboys.

Anonymous said...

Most Denver fans, if not all, are faggots. When they are not cheering the Broncos, they are busy sucking cock. They are homosexuals and are morally and spiritually bankrupt.