The Kansas SecState takes heat for his policies and camapign record on national talk shows as his Guv campaign confronts new polling and a renewed push to keep him out of office that might be nearly as effective as Greg Orman splitting the vote . . . Take a look:

Tucker Carlson defense:

"Kansas gubernatorial candidate Kris Kobach on the modern left's kneejerk response to views they don't like: Accuse your opponent of being a racist."

Take a look:

The Young Turks consider the progressive angle of ad hominem attack:

You decide . . .


  1. It's not that he's racist, it's that there are a lot of Kansas voters who support racist policy. The real blame is with the electorate.

  2. I'm not voting for someone who isn’t a racist or doesn’t have racist policies. We’re all racists. Hussein Obama was a racist.

  3. ^^^^^^^^^^^^ And that's why Kobach will LOSE.

    Losers like you.


  4. My take on this is, it goes both ways look at CNN's Don Lemon, look at Barack Obama, look at Reverend Wright, and many others.

    I have become a hater of most black people and the hate goes deep, because of the Texas incident when police officers were told they had to defend the black protests without being armed, and five were killed protecting their right to protest.

    LBJ was a horrible racist too and all blacks voted for him to get freebies aka the war on poverty and they didn't mind, so what's the problem now?

    Call me a racist if you want to because I will agree with you!

  5. I hate animals.

    Especially negroes.

  6. 11:16 Exactly, well said.

  7. The democrat was losing the argument and played the race card. How is it racist to provide an id that shows you are legal to vote? You have to have an id to fly, bank, and a myriad of other things in society. Because it might keep illegal aliens from voting is a good thing. Why? Because they're ILLEGAL and don't a right to vote.

  8. I hate negroes just like negroes hate negroes.

  9. Of course he's a racist! Just like his obese, orange daddy. Oh, he's also a stupid as hell(Also like the orange idiot).

  10. How can you tell if somebody is a racist? If they are winning an argument with a Democrat.

  11. Lefties insist that a Mexican or Palestinian are separate races but a Sicilian and an Israeli are both considered Caucasian.

  12. Kobach is a NATIONALIST, not a RACIST. A nationalist is someone that puts the citizens of their own country before all others. In a country like the US, how can that be racist; we have CITIZENS of all creeds and colors. Kobach has never spoken against LEGAL immigrants. If anyone is racist, it’s the Dems; they’re the ones that look at illegals the way a dog looks at a steak. They don’t see helping people and all that warm, fuzzy stuff. They see their future voting base just like LBJ saw blacks in the 60s.

  13. No.

    A Patriot is someone that puts their own country and citizens above others and defends them. We should all be patriots.

    A Nationalist attacks others that are deemed a threat to their country and citizens. They demonize others that don't share their own heritage and culture. In the US that means English only and WASP identity.

    I accept KKKobach is a nationalist too and that's not a good thing.

    1. Why is it that WASPs aren’t supposed to be proud of their heritage? While much of the land they conquered could be considered ill gotten gains, if it weren’t for WASPs there would be no America for people to aspire to enter.

  14. If it weren't for WASPs bringing slave labor from Africa to build it, there would be no America to enjoy.


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