Tuesday, November 27, 2018


Check news of today's local immigration victory amid an outpouring of advocacy that was much more effective than the pleas for mercy of women & children confronting tear gas or maids & dishwashers disappeared at an increasing pace during both Prez Obama & Trump terms.


Next immigration hearing for Park professor Syed Jamal postponed until 2022

More deets:

Three years and five months. That's how long metro professor Syed Jamal has until his next hearing for relief.

The Park University professor's family said a judge postponing his case is bittersweet. They have a few more years together without fear of their father and husband being taken away. But after that, his immigration status will be up in the air once again.

"I was optimistic. You could say there was some apprehensive talk, but I think I was still optimistic in the bottom of my heart," Syed Jamal said.

And now, check the collection of the most informative news links FROM BOTH SIDES regarding the American immigration hot mess and the upcoming Border Wall fight:

Everything You Knew About Unauthorized Immigration Is Wrong: It’s Declining and Most People Have Lived Here for 15 Years or Longer

Garden City Mayor Daniel Cantrell has recently been in the news after laying off the city’s entire police department. Now, what many are calling a racist post has put him back in the headlines.

Trump administration spending more on border troops than additional judges for massive backlog of asylum cases

Public opinion analyst says Americans want immigration issue taken off of national stage

A Defendant Shows Up in Immigration Court by Himself. He’s 6.

Migrant caravan: Trump defends tear gas on Mexico border

Caravan migrants accuse US border agents of 'repression' by using tear gas

What Trump’s “lethal force” authorization means at the border

Trump's 'Message to Caravan': 'Turn Back Now, We Will Not Let You In'

The Media Was Wrong About the Caravan

Border Patrol Chief Says Trump's Wall Would Have Been Helpful for Dealing With Migrant Caravan

Trump Officials Are ‘All In’ for Border Chaos

Ocasio-Cortez compares migrant caravan to Jews fleeing Holocaust

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

would rather have a highly educated immigrant. There are enough potential dishwashers and maids here in the U.S., This guy should not be a priority.

Think about it. said...

Why is Trump asking Americans to pay for the wall. He said Mexico was going to pay for it? There shouldn't be a budget debate unless the president was lying.

Antipasta said...

Mostly good links TK, but you missed this one that I thought you would get a kick out of.

The Hill - Former Border Patrol deputy chief defends using pepper spray: You could ‘put it on your nachos and eat it’

Thought you would find that one tasty!

Anonymous said...

Trump's wall is just a joke it's never going to happen and it simply serves as a trick that keeps getting played on Lower Class voters who think that they'll be getting jobs out of the deal. Sorry not going to work those jobs have already been shipped overseas and you're really looking at a more competitive Global Marketplace and far greater differences between the rich and poor.

Save the plaza said...

Leave the border open, tell them to bring tacos. Everybody wins, don't like the thought of American soldiers gassing women & children. Shame on Trump for creating and exploiting this nightmare.

Anonymous said...

Funny the wall is a trick on lower class voters? Here's to the lower class voters !! Sounds like Obama saying the jobs are gone and not coming back. The contractors already have bids in on building the wall. There would be jobs created. The only problem is....the lower class voters are blocking the funding for Trump to build the wall, but what is funny they accuse Trump of not getting the job done that they are blocking! How flipping funny is that!

Anonymous said...

Screw Syed. He’ll be dead of old age before they deport his illegal ass. And screw the caravan. Don’t bring your shit here, we’re all stocked up.

Anonymous said...

He's staying.

that wall was just another Trump lie.

Anonymous said...

This Syed Jamal bullshit is just that, BULLSHIT deport his ass!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

20+ russians died in -- *WWii* -- the chinese 14+ million

Anonymous said...

20-27 million russians die in wwii, democrats throw this conspiracy crap in their face, and trump doesn't like the rain. before throwing around historical references, try not to cherry pick.

Jake Blair said...

2:43...Stalin made a deal with Hitler which allowed Hitler to attack the West...and then turn on the Russians. Leftist Commie made war inevitable...and the Russians paid for supporting them. Fools all.

Anonymous said...

Throw his ass out of the country, he doesn’t deserve to be here, he has no respect for the law

Anonymous said...

Dropkick this fucker back to his home country and replaced the tear gas with Sarin, fuck these invader assholes!

Anonymous said...

Anyone who refuses to return home when his visa expires has lied to America. That person should be deported when he is finally caught, regardless of his circumstances. I do not understand why an immigration judge has discretion to do otherwise.

Anonymous said...

It's a fact that the Obama administration tear gassed illegal immigrants (including women and children) 80 times between 2012 and 2016. Don't hear that reported by the MSM lemmings.