Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Garden City, MO Police Shutdown: Legal???

A couple of good questions and an important update that impacts SKC during the typical holiday season crime spike. Take a look:

Garden City Police Chief surprised with letter of suspension

Breaking News Turmoil continues in Garden City, where the Chief of Police has been suspended without pay just days after his entire force was laid off. Chief Thomas Alber said he went into work Monday to pick up some equipment, and he was met by Mayor Daniel Cantrell and a Cass County Sheriff's deputy.


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Steve Bannon said...

This town is full of leaders who have no clue how to govern, they are bankrupting the community, the crime rate is ridiculous, now firing an entire police department when they were making progress to make the town more livable. Same thing happened in Raytown, no taxes, no services, they are living in the 1950's.