Friday, November 30, 2018

Firing Off Kansas City News Links

Quick look at our culture this evening . . .

Vice: Why More Women Are Buying Guns in America

Guns: A guide to carrying concealed for petite women (and men)

Forbes: America's Gun Business Is $28B. The Gun Violence Business Is Bigger.

Closer to home, these local news links are worth a peek:

Kangroo Teachable Cutback Moment

University of Missouri Offers Buyouts To Older Faculty At Kansas City And Other Campuses

The University of Missouri-Kansas City, as well as the other three campuses in the UM System, will extend buyout offers to tenured faculty nearing retirement age, it was announced Friday. "We've got to make sure we're doing everything we can to alleviate any financial pressure," MU spokesman Christian Basi said, though he was "not ready to speculate" on whether more layoffs would be coming if too few employees took buyouts.

Meth Town Politico Reprieve

Independence council recall effort withdrawn

The citizens group trying to gain a recall election of Independence City Council Member Tom Van Camp has called off its campaign.In a social media post announcing the decision, the group said it had collected 452 signatures certified by the Jackson County Election Board, fewer than half of the 1,286 signatures - 8 percent of the registered voters in Van Camp's Fourth District - required by the City Charter to force a recall election.

JoCo Obamacare Stays Winning

Safety net clinic opens new location to serve those uninsured in Johnson County

SHAWNEE, Kan. - There are only two safety net clinics in Johnson County, Kansas - a county that has about 45,000 uninsured people. A safety net clinic is a clinic that provides services to all people, whether insured or uninsured. These clinics usually are located and help those in underserved areas.

More Deets On Bandwagon Tech

Electric bicycles to compete with scooters for urban riders

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The scooters are getting some competition for travelers on urban streets. Ride KC is launching an electric bicycle program, designed to transport people to places where the bus or streetcar can't take them. Electric scooters lined up on downtown street corners have become a common sight.

Hipster Sausage Redux

Local Pig is Moving - In Kansas City

The Local Pig will soon have a new locale-but don't worry, it's not moving far. Alex Pope and Matt Kafka's gem is leaving the East Bottoms neighborhood it helped revitalize and relocating to City Market (20 E. 5th St., Suites 101A and 101C) after outgrowing its original, and much loved, butcher shop and the adjacent...

Golden Ghetto Last Meal

Beloved Mission Restaurant Closing after 33 Years

A beloved Chinese restaurant in Mission, Kansas is serving guests for the last time. Regulars were shocked when they found out Fire Wok was closing after 33 years. "Totally bummed, I've been coming here since I was 30 years old," said customer Cathy Bishop as she stopped in for lunch.

Internets Local Music Renaissance

Sofar Sounds goes underground to resurrect KC's live music experience

Kansas City has a reputation as a home for talented artists, said Hank Wiedel, but restricted resources limit the potential for grassroots performers to reach a global - or sometimes even local - audience.

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Anonymous said...

Kansass City

Anonymous said...

The one and only time I ate at Fire Wok last year I got food poisoning so bad I was out of commission for a week.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^ Nobody feels sorry for you. I like the restaurant more than you.

Anonymous said...

Ummmm... did anyone ask for your sympathy, dolt? Just stating facts. I wasn't the only one who got sick from that meal. They're not asking for sympathy, either.

Anonymous said...

Startland looks interesting, but the site will not load worth a crap on a tablet.