Monday, November 26, 2018

Fact Check: T-Mobile Dude Backs Down From Talk About Home Shopping In Kansas City

Headline and link preview say it all, subscribers get the rest of the story . . . The bottom line, the acquisition is moving forward but the silly talk about avoiding job cuts in JoCo has been cast aside.

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Don't expect T-Mobile CEO to be house hunting in Kansas City - Kansas City Business Journal

Remember when T-Mobile US Inc. CEO John Legere said he'd rather live in Kansas City than in T-Mobile's hometown? He was singing another tune during a recent webcast with T-Mobile employees - and it wasn't "Kansas City." As a reminder, the loquacious Legere said in a visit to the Sprint Corp.


Anonymous said...

Why would he? He can live any where he wants too, I’d move to Florida if I was him

Anonymous said...

If anyone really believed this guy was moving to KC or that sprint would continue to employ a huge number of people to provide their shitty cell service, I have some beachfront property in Missouri to sell you.

This blowhard was never coming here and the sprint jobs were never going to survive. The entire sprint campus will become a blighted area until finally the KC haunted houses buy it and setup shop

Anonymous said...

He looks like a handsome woman in that pic.

Anonymous said...

neoliberalism is sending your argentinean kid to harvard extension school for a year then putting them in charge of Sprint. Somethin like that. sprint got plundered by Brightstar Corporation, founded in Miami in 1997

Anonymous said...

now they going to rip down a terminal and send the recycled concrete for a sea wall.

Anonymous said...

if sprint went bankrupt its b/c they expanded their Latin network and allowed free text and talk and how much free wifi?