Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Democratic Party Irrelevant In Missouri???

Don't blame TKC for that headline. From the STL Post-Dispatch:

As Missouri turns red, Democrats search for relevance

Thankfully, the New Yorker is offering some encouragement along with their indecipherable comics:

Despite Claire McCaskill's Loss, Democrats Shouldn't Give Up in Missouri

Nicholas Lemann on why Democrats should continue to compete in Missouri despite Senator Claire McCaskill's defeat.


Mr. Diversity said...

Lefty article from a Lefty publication, from a Lefty state.

At one point, the option to subscribe to the Lefty mag is available. Ha, ha.

Direct your future articles towards enlightening the dumb and dumber Cortez and Davids.

Anonymous said...

^^^ and their ilk

Anonymous said...

The KC Star, as long as its around- will continue to be a plug in for all things Liberal and do its best to help Democrats.
They are totally unbiased- completely neutral- and never choose sides if one candidate doesn’t make time for an interview with its apolitical Editorial Board... this is a fact! (Pardon while I take my index finger out of the back of my throat).

... Divisiveness helps sell papers! Please add more members to the outstanding opinion-makers who earn every penny they make and add worth to every election so they can continue to grow and get stronger financially.

Wonder if Slats Grobnik would agree?