Wednesday, November 07, 2018

All Class: Farewell Message From Kansas 3rd District Congressman Kevin Yoder

Possibly the finest writing during this election cycle that strikes a perfect conciliatory tone, hope for the future and reveals a true Statesman.

Kansas 3rd District Congressman: Kevin Yoder: From the bottom of my heart

I want you to know how thankful I am to have been your voice all of these years.

Last night, we may not have gotten the result that we wanted or that we hoped for.

But remember - this seat in Congress does not belong to any one man or woman. It belongs to the people of the Third District of Kansas.

I want to congratulate my opponent Ms. Davids on becoming the next United States Congresswoman from the Third District to serve the people of Kansas.

I wish her good luck, and she needs our prayers and support because we need this country to unify and get things done for the American people.

I loved this job and each and every day, I got up and gave my heart and soul to make sure I was a strong leader for this community

There will be prognosticators who will look back on my record and they will say that if I cast a vote differently or if I stood up every day and fought the President, that I might have won this race.

Even if you looked me in the eye and you told me it would change last night's outcome, I would not change one thing.

That's because America and our future mean more to me than anything else. And standing up for what you believe in is more important that any election.

Thank you to all of the Yoder Voters out there who stood by us all of these years. You put your faith in me, and I hope that I've never let you down.

It has been the honor of my lifetime to represent this state, the constituents of the Third District in the United States House of Representatives.

I've always strived to represent you honorably and faithfully and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me the chance to be your voice in Congress.

God bless you all, and may God continue to bless these United States of America.


Anonymous said...

3rd district shit the bed electing Lickacuntus, they just don't realize it yet.

Anonymous said...

Yes I'm sure Joco is just going to be a living hell now, with constant parades of Indian lesbians molesting children, eating dogs and driving on the wrong side of the road.

Anonymous said...

Injuns drive?

Anonymous said...

You left out drinking firewater and smoking the magic weed!

Anonymous said...

Farewell, Congressman. We’re sorry you got beat by a pussylicking lesbian Indian idiot.

Anonymous said...

It’s truly a shame Yoder wasn’t re-elected, and what makes it worse is that many of the opposition votes were cast out of ignorance and spite. I hope Yoder stays active in this community and runs for another office in the future.

Anonymous said...

Politicians on both sides of the aisle should take note of how to be civil like Yoder. Especially many on the left. No need to get accusatory and hateful when you lose.

Anonymous said...

Come back in 2020, Yoder for the win.

Anonymous said...

Kansas sh!t the bed on this,. Kobach tanked Yoder too.

Anonymous said...

Yoder won't be back. He can stop funneling lobbyist money to his campaign fund now and will go to work for them directly.

It worked for Jim Talent.

Yoder just keeps skinny dipping in the swamp.

Anonymous said...

He probably tries to run for Governor in 4 years.

Which should give Kelly a 2nd term.

Anonymous said...

You got that right, 818.

That's ok, two years will go fast. Stick close, Kevin.

Anonymous said...

^^^Yep, 2 years will go fast all right - then it's time to can Trump, assuming he doesn't wind up in the loony bin first :-)