Thursday, October 11, 2018

Show-Me Kavanaugh SCOTUS #MeToo Slapfight For Naught In Missouri

Actually a bit of good news for both sides on this front . . . Bad theater broadcast and disseminated via MSM really didn't resonate in the heartland because Yale frat party antics might as well be on another planet and don't speak to real life concerns about jobs & healthcare for local voters.

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Kavanaugh vote changes few minds in close Missouri U.S. Senate race

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Democratic U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill's vote against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation appears not to have cost her greatly in conservative-leaning Missouri, where she is in a tight re-election race, a Reuters opinion poll showed.


Anonymous said...

Claire and the democrats that follow her have been out in California with the Jim Jones followers like Pelosi, and Feinstein drinking left over kool-aid. Anyone with half a brain knows Kavanaugh was set up by the democrats to take a hit for Trump, that's how dirty they are but they will support Hillary a supporter of juvenile rape and Bill a sex predator, and Obama who says screw American jobs they are gone for good.. "I want you hungry and naked under my control."

Democrats=guilty until proven innocent.

Anonymous said...

the dirty tricks and mob tactics of claire's group should be eschewed. her too.

missouri wants honest, steady representation, not radical chic.

Anonymous said...

She consistently votes against the middle consensus of people in Missouri.

She doesn't vote "moderate."

Anonymous said...

Claire votes with Trump 45% of the time.

She pisses off both liberals and conservatives.

Sounds like she is doing something right.