Thursday, October 11, 2018

Missouri AG Hawley: Show-Me Angry Voters

Golden boy lazy campaigner and the Alex P. Keaton of Missouri politics is playing to the mob rather than offering any new ideas, policy initiatives or even a glimpse of why he would be better for voters who aren't as mesmerized by media chatter as politicos would like to believe . . . Take a look:

Missouri Senate candidate Hawley: 'Surge in anger' from voters after Kavanaugh

Missouri's Republican Attorney General and Senate candidate Josh Hawley said he has seen a noticeable increase in anger among voters in the wake of the bitter Kavanaugh confirmation fight. Hawley spoke with ABC News' Political Director Rick Klein and Chief White House Correspondent Jon Karl this week on the "Powerhouse Politics Podcast" about the Missouri Senate race and the enthusiasm of the conservative base.


Anonymous said...

Yes there is anger and the way we fight is at the polls not like the dirty democrats who hit the streets making their party harmful thugs and accusers of innocent men.

Anonymous said...

it's hard to fathom why the violent, radical pose is thought to be a good way to win elections.

Anonymous said...


After all this winning? Why would the right be so angry?

Maybe they didn't get their trickle down raises. Or their wall. Or their great cheap healthcare. Or their new infrastructure. Or their new rural manufacturing jobs.

Promises made, promises meh.


Anonymous said...

So the angry unhinged mobs are Republicans???