Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Meth Town Takes Food Stamps For K2

Aftermath of a convenience store crackdown and possibly insight into why Universal Basic Income will never work. Checkit:

Kansas City man sentenced for selling K2, paid for with food stamps

INDEPENDENCE, MO (AP) - The owner of two Independence businesses was sentenced for selling synthetic marijuana, also known as K2, and accepting food stamps as payment. Haq Nawaz Choudhry, of Kansas City, was sentenced Tuesday in federal court to three years and six months in prison.


Anonymous said...

Haq nawaz was selling K2 in independence and took food stamps as payment. Lmao it doesn’t get more typical. The other story is not the dude who was selling the K2 it’s the idiots using food stamps to buy K2. Talk about trashy, but it IS independence. K2 is for losers.

Anonymous said...

What if K2 gives you the munches ?

Anonymous said...

This has nothing at all to do with Universal Basic Income. Why are you trying to always push your own agenda by making spurious claims? Obviously, most of your readers are too ignorant to see that every article you post is framing by your biased commentary.