Thursday, October 11, 2018

Here's How Scooter Tech Biz Beat City Hall In Fight For Control Of Kansas City Streets

Rick Usher is the assistant city manager for small business & entrepreneurship in the Office of the City Manager in Kansas City, Missouri. In this tidbit he offers a nice bit of background on rise of dockless scooters in this cowtown that were ultimately able to bully local politicos into granting them nearly limitless privilege that no other local transit company enjoys . . . Like the ability to ride on the sidewalk and endanger both pedestrians and drivers.

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Balancing Policy and Technology in Kansas City

There is nothing new in the world. In ancient times, when the invading hoard is approaching the city, the wise leader sends an emissary through the front gate to parley.


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go scooters! more scooters!

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What the hell kind of job is this? assistant city manager for small business & entrepreneurship. talk about waste in government.