WTF??? KCMO Has The Best, Wet Hole???

Drunk slang is hard to understand the morning after . . . Here's what I think might be a come-on or a compliment to our humble town. You decide . . .

Travel: Kansas City is the Midwest's best watering hole


  1. We’re closer to the Asshole than the belly button, thanks sLIE!

  2. That guy needs a life besides coming to KC 2 weeks a year.

  3. Evidently Go4KC paid Tony for this advertisement on TKC.

  4. Listen to all the geriatric shit-stains bitching! Someone from the OC just shot your pathetic narratives about this town in the head. If any of you pants-shitting goons ever made it outside, you would know what he wrote is true. By all means stay on this blog and continue to bitch about how bad this town is. It’s a beautiful holiday weekend in town. Myself, I’m staying in town instead of going to the lake. Heading to The Irish fear in a minute and then to the revamped Golden Ox for dinner tonight. You all stay online and complain. Later losers.

  5. Author must be trying to get rid of his low life neighbors. Move to KC where all the World Class action is!


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