Voter Breaks Protocol To Demand Meth Town Council Dude Resign Amid Travel Debate

First off . . . Rules that attempt to thwart public push back against politicos in this neighboring city might be unconstitutional and this week the rules & regs were ineffective at preventing arguments against an embattled council dude who confronts serious questions regarding his travel budget tactics.

Take a look:

Independence councilman asked to step down during city hall meeting

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. -- An Independence city council member was asked to resign during Monday night's city council meeting. In Independence, residents are not allowed to make personal attacks against any member of the city council. Beverly Harvey broke that rule when she requested the resignation of Tom Van Camp, who serves in District 4, where she lives.


  1. Get the tar and feathers!

  2. the mayor was out of wrong to gavel harvey for calling out vancamp he had it coming he is just an arrrouget son of a bitch delucy and roberson are the only
    ones that care for the people that voted for them


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