Vote For Prez Trump SCOTUS Pick Will Make Or Break Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill

More deets on a tough pick for the Missouri incumbent as she confronts push back no matter which way she chooses and will have to artfully explain her stance to an increasingly angry electorate. Take a look:

McCaskill plays key role as confirmation hearings approach for SCOTUS nominee Kavanaugh

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A big fight is expected when Congress conducts hearings to consider the U.S. Supreme Court confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh. President Trump nominated Kavanaugh to replace retired Justice Anthony Kennedy. Sen. Claire McCaskill is one of a few red state Democrats, whose vote could be critical in whether Kavanaugh joins the nation's highest court.


  1. Air Claire is going to lose however she votes. Goodbye Claire.

  2. Absolutely ANYBODY but Claire!!!!!

  3. That's Hawley's ONLY qualification - he's not her - but is that enough to be a basis for electing someone?

    Maybe so - worked for Trump!

  4. Claire has had her time in the spotlight and failed the citizens of Missouri. She did not fail in lining her and her husband's pockets. Time for her to move on.

  5. Hawley's another crackpot, uber conservative, evangelical religious zealot who wants to cram his version of "religion" down our throats. No thanks.

  6. ^^^^^^^@7:40

    Trump was elected because he busted his ass to get out and talk to the people, and he wasn't afraid to stand up to the globalists, other countries, and the union boss's when the were silent on the coal miners losing their jobs. He put people back to work. Claire is just another spineless "go with the flow politician" Part of the swamp.

  7. ^^^^Yep, he really put people to work. Ask the workers at the Carrier plant, DST, and Harley Davidson about that. Ask the Fed workers who are not getting raises. Wake up, Trump is the swamp moron.

  8. Horseturds!

    Trump Won because the Democratic Party Leadership turned their backs on their traditional base and conspired to run a person who was unelectable and was so distasteful to the majority of the Voters that they stayed home!

    The unbalanced egomaniac Man-Child you adore didn't "Talk to the people", he grabbed headlines at a series of carefully stage-managed rallies of the 5% of the American People who have now become his "true believers".

    And "tough" on Globalists? Come on!
    The Wimp-In-Chief has flip-flopped on more issues and promises than can be counted! Other than a "tax cut" that Congress ha been trying to push out the door for eight years, what has he done except antagonize our traditional Allies and kiss Putin's ass?

    He's not "draining the Swamp", he IS the Swamp! Or at least part of the fetid muck at the bottom! He built his "Empire" by a series of bankruptcies after he'd converted his investor's money to his own use, and when nobody else would loan him a cent he climbed into bed with a Country that's been trying to destroy us since 1945!

    1. Nope. It was about votes, and your incredibly shitty candidate.

      Your failure to grasp this is exactly why you will lose again.

  9. why did she vote against gorsuch?

  10. ^^^Because the DNC told her to and it was not election season yet. So much for her "independent streak."

  11. It looks like The Politicians have you all worked up.
    No matter who wins Missouri CITIZENS should hold their feet to the fire. It will be hard for Clair to get votes in Southwest Missouri and it looks like The Suburbs of Kansas City May not go with Clair . This will be fun to watch ..

  12. 7:40-I don’t know how Hawley will react nor vote, but I sure as hell know how McCaskill will vote. I choose anybody but Claire.

  13. You can have Claire for 6 years and her probable retirement, or you can have RINO Hawllery (Claire-lite) for the next 30+ years.

    Once a RINO gets in, you NEVER get him out.

  14. Claire isn't the deciding vote for the Supreme Court.

    Trump's first pick got in anyway.

    His second pick will too.

    Voting RINO Hawllery for court picks isn't valid.


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