Today's Lesson In Local FAIL: Kansas City Incentive 'Study' Deemed Worthless

Tough break for Kansas City tax fighters looking for a smoking gun . . . A long awaited economic report is mostly fake news.

Here's the aftermath . . .

How Bad was the CDFA Study of Incentives in Kansas City?

It was with great anticipation that I received the long-overdue study of economic incentives in Kansas City conducted by the Council of Economic Finance Agencies (CDFA). Even before the actual publication, I had been critical of the amount spent, the trade association (!)


  1. 75% of the firms said they would have moved here regardless of the corporate welfare KC doles out. That is rather astounding and testimony to the waste this city does.

  2. Any taxpayer funded "study" is worthless. Just saying..........

  3. I think the folly of this whole process was revealed when the Intercontinental Hotel was declared blighted. Please.

  4. There is no one in City Hall more clueless than Kerrie Tyndall, except perhaps, Slie James!!

  5. Appears the questions the council wanted answered were not communicated to the consultants in the scope of work.

    As usual consultants work/reports are vague and results can be twisted any way one wants them.

    1. Consultants borrow your watch to tell you what time it is...

  6. "Show-Me Institute" must have hired Captain Obvious!
    In other words Paddy, "No shit, Sherlock"!

  7. Why hire Captain Obvious when Tony's already on the payroll?


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