Just a brief moment of contemplation for Sunday night as most of this town taxes their liver during the Labor Day festivities . . .


A few items for background . . .

Not so long ago, Bishop Finn was the 1st cleric to confront legal consequences for his role in a sex abuse coverup.

Kansas City his home to the National Catholic Reporter - A leading voice in criticism of The Church.

KCK Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann is the leading Conservative voice for the Church in the Midwest and, in between his many public apologies for The Church, he has consistently confronted negative public reaction for his public statements that have condemned both the yoga and Girl Scouts.

Even among the right-wing - The current AG and Senate contender Josh Hawley is shaking his fist at Catholics as he launches an investigation against wrongdoing.

Finally, about a week ago, local MSM carried public condemnation of local Catholics without much push back in a bold presser that ignited local reaction to criticism.

And so . . .

We can debate the merits of all these claims but there is no arguing the fact that the Catholic Church is in crisis locally and throughout the world.

Ergo . . .  From what we can see via social media and some of the fiery and often awkward defenses . . .  Kansas City Catholics feel attacked by the onslaught of public criticism that often condemns the organization as a whole rather than the perpetrators of individual crimes. 

Check the links:

NYT: Is the Catholic Church Beyond Redemption?

CNN: A Catholic yells 'Shame on you!' at cardinal

Boston Globe: Time’s up on Pope Francis and Catholic Church leaders being able to handle clergy abuse crisis

You decide . . .


  1. I hear IHOP is taking applications.

    That might be a good switch up?

    What say you douches?

  2. Priests are fags -- and so was John Wayne. I installed two-way mirrors at his pad in Brentwood. Hed come to the door in a dress.

  3. ^^TKC Scholars.

    You would burn us at the stake if you could, because you did, when you could.

    Protestants, Jews, Muslims & atheists; you would burn us all if you could.

    You want sympathy? Stop acting like an over-sexed altar boy. Stop posting soft porn, if you're so religious. Stop preaching anti-choice, if you don't hate women. No one is forcing you to support this ridiculous religion.

    You have free will. Use it.

    1. Honorable Bishop Drunken Paddy O'Chalice McAwesome9/2/18, 10:00 PM

      You Godless son of a bitch @8:52!

      You think protestants have anything in common with the Semetic people? You WASPS enslaved most of the world because your peckers were so tiny.

      Nobody wants your sympathy, nobody asked for it. It's enough to watch you worship your false orange God with the stupid red hat that's made in China.

      As for your petty and pathetic criticism of this blog. Pish Posh! A bit of heavenly indulgence in the soft goodness of a woman's ample breast and backside is no great sin and shall never cease! If it's not baroque, then don't fix it!

      Me thinks it's your lack of faith that is truly ridiculous. Seems to me people like the heathen @8:52 refuses to believe in God, country or our sacred Constitution.

      You want the world to follow your silly political doctrine preached by the dark priests of the news media and your abominable pundits who invade our homes every night. No thanks. You've turned American democracy into a face for the sake of social media likes and shares. Good luck with the house of cards you have created.

      The believers will keep the faith and they have something more solid than the detestable shadow games you play with yourself. In the end, evil cannot win and I cast your garbage politics to Hades.

      The truth shall set you free and tonight the truth is that you seem to hate this blog, this bastion of free speech but you can't turn away. YOU ARE TKC and that burns you and stings more than you will ever allow yourself to admit.

      But if you humble yourself and beg forgiveness. You shall be absolved by one who is far more merciful than I. Have faith and do not cast your fate to the wind. Instead, think about reading the good book and maybe a few more after that.

      Go in peace and sin no more.


  4. I don’t think it’s limited to KC. People just don’t turn a blind eye to little “quirks” like rampant, ongoing pedophilia anymore. WASPs knew years ago that Catholics are peculiar; that’s why they were not embraced by polite society for years.

  5. Catholic have funny hats. Just like our President.

    God bless them both!

  6. oh 4 fcks sake by all means ask an irish man

    1. The nasty KC choirboy9/2/18, 10:26 PM

      I agree with the Bishop McAwesome. You just got rhetorically molested via comment clap back. Poor soul.

  7. Satan spends 99% of his efforts on making false religions that make people work or pay their way to heaven (heaven is always free). The Catholic Church is Satan's biggest accomplishment.

  8. Sister Martha Knockwurst9/2/18, 10:41 PM

    ^^^^ 2nd to your mother?

    Holy men don't bash the faiths of others, they need only share their true faith to inspire followers.

    You don't have the true faith. You're just another false profit! - Spelled that wrong intentionally dickweed

  9. Faith is for morons. There is no god & know Satan. Religion is evil.

    10:00, that was an absurd rant.

    Your religion has made you an asshole, & it's made Tony a hypocrite.

    There is nothing godly about soft porn. Objectifying women is wrong. Exploiting a woman's need to feel pretty is wrong.

    Also, I am not a Trump supporter. I am the resistance.

    You are a fucking idiot.

    1. If there is no God, then objectifying women can't be wrong. No God means no absolute right or wrong. Whoever is in power makes the laws. And laws determine right, wrong and punishments. So right can be wrong. I am glad there is a God.

  10. The "Good Book"?

    Moron, have you read the Bible?

    It's laughable.

    BTW, Catholics don't worship the Bible, only Protestants do that.

    I really hate religious assholes.

  11. I think that the comments posted above, and the ones that will follow are fraught with hate of Catholics. That means you're either gay or uninformed. Gays hate the religion because the Catholics haven't buckled to approve the incessant attacks of this minority and the debauchery of their lifestyle. We don't approve of sexual assault in any form. Have you noticed how many that have come out and claimed to have been assaulted are gay? Why is that? Is the claim false and the accusation of wrong doing like a political add that is not endorsed by a candidate? Maybe not but maybe.
    If you attended the Catholic church the message is to love your neighbor, but, that does not mean you should accept or condone wrong actions.
    No catholic I have spoken with is not torn inside over the accusations and the findings of a grand jury and we want those who have done any injustice to anyone through sexual molestation to get the justice that they deserve, both parties involved. These people whether a priest, bishop, teacher, man on the street, father mother, brother, sister, catholic, protestant or atheist have any right in Gods eyes, and ours, to harm one another.

    1. Nice deflection of facts there. The Catholic Church is a bunch of mumbo jumbo that’s meant to be self serving for the church itself and its followers. Live like a heathen through the week, then poof, a few minutes in the magic phone booth brings absolution on Sunday. Come Monday, rinse and repeat. Wanna second marriage but have kids from the first? Pay a fee and poof, marriage one is annulled (despite having produced children). The Vatican’s wealth is extraordinary from centuries of pilfering. And yes, children, particularly boys, have been molested in the church for God only knows how long. Countless clergy have plead guilty and you think it’s possible that it’s all made up? I think you may have caught brain damage from your pewmate after drinking from the same golden goblet during communion.

    2. @3:58 hates all Catholics and is committing religious persecution. Shame on you. If his was targeted against any other religion or people, you'd be locked up!

    3. Dear Salvati aka Dumbass,
      I have Catholic friends and even some Catholic relatives, so your “hates all Catholics “ Line doesn’t hold water. I do, however, hate dumbasses, and on that note you should learn the difference between religious persecution and freedom of speech. Religious persecution is defined as “violence or discrimination against religious minorities, actions intending to deprive political rights and force minorities to assimilate, leave, or live as second-class citizens.” No violence has been threatened, you can still vote, no job or opportunity has been denied you and you’re still welcome to practice your Catholicism 24/7, twisted as others may find it, so go finger your beads, get drunk and calm down.

    4. Heathen @5:51 - "you have a lot of friends that are" is no excuse for your religious attacks. Your persecution is real and unforgivable. You have targeted The Church and its followers and you are desecrating another religion, not standing up for victims. How shameful, how disgraceful. How dare you hide and continue to attack Catholics like a rat in the dark.

  12. The Catholic Church would've been done in America fifty years ago if the NEA wasn't dumber than the bishops...the same week this story broke NKC went to unisex bathrooms to accomodate children confused about their gender...of all the hogwash. Thanks to the dumbells in EDUCATION, as an institution, The Church will creak into the next century because Catholic schools are, increasingly, the only option to educate your kid, even marginally.

    1. What kind of parent supports a school that might rape their child in front if an alter. The Catholic parents have blood on their hands too

  13. Catholics worship idols, pray to deceased mortals instead of God, ignore the gift of grace and try to work or pay their way to heaven (that won't work), have burned at the stake Godly people, collects priceless art and jewels, and allows child rape. Satan's false religion, the Catholic church, is an outright insult to God.

  14. @1202: You obviously have no real idea or facts about the Catholic Church, the religion, the members of the religion, their practices or God. Just spew your hatred. Now have mommy come down to the basement and tuck you in again tonight.

    1. I am 12:02, went to rockhurst my whole educational life. But I am not check my brain at the coat room and blindly believe the teachings of molesters. If the catholic faith was God's true religion, then the Holy Spirit, Mary and the saints would prevent molestations. The Catholic Church is a fraud. Nowhere in the bible does it say I need a priest to be forgiven and I pray directly to God. I pray that God will destroy false religions and sent their perverted leaders to hell. And God has promised to do that in the book of revelations.

  15. Time to answer for Santino, Francis.

  16. So if the Catholics manage to hop onto the "Victims Bandwagon" (which is getting pretty damn crowded in this Country), where do the Catholic's Victims go?

  17. Minors

  18. @551: Your ranting diatribes, and there are several, show how you must hate yourself because you as you say you come off as the supreme dumbass. You mock Catholics supporting and practicing their religion. Yet if you notice none of them come to mock you for your hatred and bias against them. Who is the bigger among us? Catholics!
    Catholics do not support or defend the actions of the abusers. They do not support or defend those who in our society abuse women, men, children, and there are far more than the priests have done collectively and they are a small percentage of priests. I am not defending them.
    Wrong is wrong and we seek justice for all involved be they victim or perp. We welcome all of you to join us and solve the problem once and for all but you won't because you haven't darkened the door of a church, any church, in your life. It's going to take a while to restore the good name of our church and it will be painful but God will comfort us and show us how to get to the solution. Hatred will not.

  19. Heathen @ 551: Yeah what about the ten people in the past month arrested and reported in the news about child abuse in the Kansas City area including the guy that raped a female child under the age of two. He wan't catholic, he wasn't a priest. He was like you. Sick in the head with hatred and without religion. No moral compass at all. You definitely are the dumbass.

    1. Shame me until you’re blue in the face; I still have zero respect for a religious sect that has condoned child molestation for decades (probably longer). And your “but what about the other guy” excuse ... he was obviously a sicko, but he wasn’t CLERGY, a segment of society that have vowed to serve God and a church. As for my own religion, I hate foil yet another of your assumptions (never darkened a church door), but I was raised as a member of a mainline Protestant faith. But don’t worry, if I start feeling any guilt from your spewing and shaming, I’ll get to a magic phone booth ASAP.

  20. The question is: what does God think of the molesting Catholic Church and it's loyal followers that continue to put money in offerings? $1.00 to the church is $1.00 to molesters


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