Kansas City now targets middle-class residents and neighbors who work within city limits for money that many might not realize they owe.

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The "babe in the woods" routine might be convincing but what this story reveals is that THERE IS NO SUBURBAN ESCAPE FROM KCMO'S MOST CONTROVERSIAL TAX for both residents and those with employers within city limits.

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FOX4: Kansas City woman sued for not paying city tax she didn’t know existed

Money line:

What she doesn’t understand is why Kansas City never notified her that for six years she had failed to pay the city’s 1 percent earnings tax before filing suit and loading on nearly $2,000 in penalties and interest to the total bill.

She discovered the city had tried to contact her, but it was at an address where she hasn’t lived for seven years.

“I pay property taxes here,” she, a homeowner. “My vehicles are registered here, my driver's license, my taxes. I even have divorce records that have this address. If that's the most recent information they have, they really weren't trying very hard.”

She is more than willing to pay the more than $2,000 in taxes she owes but doesn’t feel she should be fined penalties and interest for what she views as an honest mistake.

On the bright side, this means there's a divorced broad in need of a cash injection who might be looking for help from a kind stranger . . . Ewww. I keed, I keed.

Nevertheless, the desperate City Hall search for tax cash is for realz and this is just one example out of many.

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  1. City Hall promised us some free trash bags in exchange for the tax. They are not living up to their end of the bargain. The tax needs to be repealed.

    1. So here's the scenario. KC is reportedly home to more than 25 million tourists every year. Those tourists stay at hotels, There is a record of those visits.

      It stands to reason that City Hall could requisition that information, look up the income of all of those hotel guests and temporary visitors, determine their earnings for the year and charge and additional 1% for what they earned while they were in KC.

      This is the future of technology and why you should never leave any proof that you visited California. That's already going into place there with football players and celebrities but trickling down to every day residents.

    2. she should ask to take it out in trade!

  2. TKC, never forget that every 5 years the e-tax is up for a vote. Last time it won by more than a 40 point margin. People in Kansas City love the e-tax because it makes the Johnson County interlopers pay their fair share.

  3. This is why I'm encouraging my employer to move our office to Kansas.

  4. Every time this issue comes up for a vote, the City uses scare tactics to force people into keeping the damn thing. They also use Police and Fire to extort money from us by threatening reduction of services. They will fight to keep this tax going by intimidating uneducated voters. We'll never see the end of it.

  5. Does KC collect earnings tax on millionaires’ football and baseball visiting teams?
    Does Sly collect earnings tax on his consulting as a arbitration attorney while he collects his Mayor salary?
    Does anyone on business trips to KC pay?
    What percentage of business don’t move to KC because they don’t want their employees penalized?
    How is the crime/murder rate linked?

  6. Look I’m going to just tell you all what this is. The tax situation in Kansas City Missouri is pure thuggery on the people. It’s crooked how it’s justified, and it’s crooked how it’s spent.

    Mr smiley mayor sly James has done his damage and from the lineup i see ready for their piece of the pie....

    Jason Kander is a phony. Deep down his reasons for being mayor isn’t phony, but it is for the rest of us. And Kander if you are reading this....what were you, an S-2? Pushing your service like you were an 11B.

    Is there nobody at all in the state of Missouri that can come to Kansas City and do what needs to be done? Is it just some big small town that is mostly a dump with a few pockets of nice things that people can easily exploit for personal gain?

    Hey! Welcome to KC! Have you thought about buying a condo in one of our homeless districts “cough” I mean street car districts? You pay over a thousand dollars more in taxes than everyone else, AND...the hard work you do? Not only do you get to pay the Fed and state tax...KC is going to swipe their cut too! And then spend it irresponsibly on stupid ass programs . Oh and don’t forget that certain engineering firms get their cut too. You know...the million dollar studies that really only run $100k at best.


  7. One more point...the leeches who push the earnings tax will say “but but other cities do it”. Yeah well here is my opinion: if the city was that good and in high demand it wouldn’t need it.

    So Mr Mayor, Mr sly, Mr Bow are going to sit there and honestly tell us that if there was no income punishment imposed by the city on the people that the city can’t function? That’s how fucked up this town is? It’s that bad?

  8. When do we sue Sly's fat ass for all the problems he has created?

  9. Right after we sue you for being a drain on society and wasting everybody's time!

  10. @11:57 - THANK YOU!

    It's encouraging that other people know what's going on and don't let themselves be fooled by so much happy talk from Sly & Co.

  11. Has there ever been an audit of the Welfare Tax aka the e-tax? Where exactly us it going?

    1. Damn autocorrect. Where exactly is it going?

  12. Move just outside the city limits and you can get an instant raise with lower water bills and no earnings tax.

  13. I literally do not understand how anyone votes for this one percent tax and i'm a KCMO resident. It's so fucking stupid because it penalizes working class and poor disproportionately but the residents must hate themselves because they keep voting for it.

    1. Its amazing what free bus rides to the polls and pizza parties get these days.

  14. I can fucking guarantee that the only ones that are paying this tax are the middle income class suburbanites. I highly doubt anyone in the poorer, crime ridden, low income neighborhoods and and anyone living in the hipster SJW parts of town are paying into this. It’s like a social warriors’ wet dream. THEY are the ones who keep voting this in. Either that or they are throwing out the votes of anyone north of the river. Now they have the gall to raise property taxes again. See libtards, this is what kills cities. White flight.


    Perhaps they could begin by collecting from all the Burns and McDonnell employees who don't pay the 1-percent.

    They're capable of donating to Sylvester James' campaign though some 85-percent of them don't reside in KCMO, but somehow they get out of paying their fair share of the earnings tax!


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