The topic of the 1st Amendment and how it applies to tax-exempt faith-based organization is one of those uncomfortable issues that's quickly excised form the MSM debate.

Recently, the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate, explained that he wants to do away with a provision in the federal tax code that bars religious organizations and pastors from endorsing or opposing political candidates.  His efforts were mostly derided from both Republican and Democratic Party moderates . . . Fact is, the AG didn't get much traction on this topic despite a very real difference betwixt his campaign and that of the incumbent because the topic of religious speech makes most people uncomfortable . . .

On Sunday, another Missouri paper does a better job explaining the issue to voters who are now forced to consider the role of faith in the upcoming Midterm elections.

Take a look:

Jeff City News Tribune: 64-year-old tax-exemption law focus of renewed political debate


The Johnson Amendment has been back in the news in recent years including reports that Missouri attorney general — and U.S. Senate candidate — Josh Hawley told religious leaders meeting in St. Louis last month that the amendment should be repealed.

Eric Mee, press secretary for U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill — the incumbent Democrat who Republican Hawley wishes to replace — told the News Tribune that McCaskill opposes repealing the Johnson Amendment.

But Hawley told the News Tribune last week: "I absolutely agree that the Johnson Amendment should be repealed. Any attempt to penalize pastors and churches, for preaching what they believe, is a violation of our First Amendment rights."

Read the whole thing.

You decide . . .


  1. hated the kc newspaper take on this one. Just outright said he was trying to inject politics instead of give people their freedom.

  2. Dems have already proven they want Christianity out just look at Obama getting sued by a nuns group and hobby lobby

  3. Anybody but Claire!!!

  4. If churches want to politic like everyone else then they should pay taxes like everyone else. People like Hawley who keep pushing and pushing the "conservative christian values" worry me about what they're hiding.

  5. Churches are very political now. What are these people talking about?

  6. Callous opportunists like Hawley need to be careful what they wish for when they're pandering to that fringe group of "True Believers" and other extreme right wing fanatics!

    If pulpits become politicized, True Christian Principles may be discussed in relation to Political activities, and the GOP may discover that not every Church is lead by "Reverend Joe-Bob", and some preachers have actually read that the Bible says!

  7. Tax the churches and seize their assets and nationalize the banks.

  8. Need more Mosques, Muslims and burkas.

  9. sLIE should be extremely happy about this news, a whole new bunch of taxes just popped into his giveaway basket!

  10. 8:24 see 8:14’s comment before you make another ass out of yourself

  11. @ 12:12, BullFeathers! When's the last time you heard a Mainstream Pastor start a sermon with "leaving a trail of slime behind him, today President Trump..."?

  12. WTF about down-low Barry's bud, Revrun Jeremiah, hollering that hate-whitey crap and the like, "...God damned America..." and "...chickens coming home to roost...", etc.? Uh, it was a Shitcago church known for political preaching.

  13. The subject, @6:24, was "Mainstream Churches", not some inner city Cult or "Brother Dwayne's Church Of God's Holy Word As Revealed Only To Those Who Tithe Each Week Right Here"!

    You know, those big white buildings with steeples and crosses that you drive by on your way to the Sunday Evening Handling of Serpents.

    Of course all the "Charismatic" Cults are going to preach politics, it's an essential part of the "we-uns is better than you-uns" scam they used to bilk and control their "true believers".

    But they only have an effect on the tiny fringes, whereas we're discussing the normal people.
    Those are the ones the GOP needs to watch out for!


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