The battle for control of Kansas City streets continues and this treatise offers reasonable opposition against advocates for pedestrians and cyclists.

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Northeast News: Bike lanes at what cost?

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"The traffic hazard created by the new street parking configuration of the newly-completed bike lanes along Armour Boulevard in Midtown. The bike lanes have narrowed the vehicle traffic lanes on Armour to one lane in each direction from the original, much safer two lanes, making it extremely hazardous for motorists to cross or enter Armour Boulevard from the side streets. Parked vehicles are essentially in the middle of what was before a travel lane, and are now dangerously obstructing the view . . . Bikewalk KC is of course at the forefront of the arm twisting, using terms like “consensus” through a “community-based steering committee” to soften their potentially deadly impact to motorists."

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  1. Thank God somebody called them out for what they're doing.

    The design skills of bikewalk kc seriously need to be questioned before they get somebody killed.

  2. Why do you geezers and pants shitters need to get out? You shouldn't be parking on Armour Boulevard. There's just no need. Your alcohol and groceries can be delivered to your front door. Quit bitching and let us young people ride, walk, and live our healthy lifestyles without your pollution machines getting in the way.

  3. Who is the hot blond slut in the picture with the bike? How come I never see sluts like that on bikes?


  4. Armour Blvd is a disaster and extremely dangerous. The part that is the most detrimental is putting the cars out in the middle of the street and calling the bike lane protected, that's ridiculous. I've noticed that some people are ignoring that and parking in the bike lane and I can't blame them.

    That together with the high crime and parking problem in that area has caused Central Hyde Park property values to tank. Houses for sale at 400k and 500k are sitting on the market, for that kind of money or even less, you can have a house just as nice in Brookside or the Plaza Dist. Truly a joke!

    Extremely bad planning.

  5. Just drove up I-35. The bike lanes on SWB in KCK cause a big problem everybody seems to deny. Lets explore further. KCK takes away two driving lanes on SWB one west bound one east bound. Going north on I-35 you exit for Southwest Blvd you go either go south on Mission road or east on SWB. At Merriam lane you go onto SWB with a bike lane going east and now reduced to one lane for real drivers, Traffic backs up the exit ramp because of the reduction all the way back onto the two right lanes of I-35. That causes I-35 to have traffic congestion and reduce the speed down to about 25 - 35 mph. So that is the impact of bike lanes on the limited infrastructure we have available. You can't build a community and just widen roads at a whim when businesses and homes have been built and exist. The bike lanes on major thoroughfares need to go and be relegated to streets with speed limits under 30 mph.

  6. You car people are evil! Let us have our nice safe space bike lanes so we can toot around in peace.

  7. @9:13am
    Sadly, this fiasco has nothing at all to do with actual planning.
    It's just another example of the clueless and spineless KCMO electeds being rolled by yet another single-focus sanctimonious special interest group.
    If you don't have an internal compass, you become a weather vane for whatever direction the wind is blowing that day.
    Smart city tech projects.
    Subsidized "luxury" apartments.
    Bicycle lanes on busy city streets.
    $500,000 arts projects.
    More tax money for 18th and Vine.
    Got an off-the-wall idea, but no money?
    Head on down to 12th and Oak!

  8. ^^Yep. Whatever. Now go away. We don't have time for your nonsense.

  9. ^^You seem to have plenty of leisure time. Mental SSDI, right?

  10. Sylvester Carwash9/6/18, 9:54 AM

    Restricting and slowing traffic causes traffic to seek other routes. Before this trendy reduction of drive lanes, wider streets were intended to move traffic rapidly across town. Sly and the clowncil won't be happy until KC has worsening traffic jams and congestion. Accidents and injuries will increase.
    Liberal agenda provides cover for developer give-aways.
    Does Cordish allow this foolishness in Baltimore?

  11. 8:52

    As a grandfather several times over, I'm sure I qualify as a geezer. Another thing I'm sure of is you, Mr. coprophilia boy, would not make your inane comments regarding older folks to my aging face. You're merely a pathetic keyboard warrior.

  12. You nailed it, @10:09 - he should go play with his collection of his Grandpa's used Depends and stay away from a keyboard when normal people are talking.

  13. The bicyclist play the race card, squeaky wheel ploy better than the blacks and gays. Surprised Ward Parkway hasn't been renamed Schwinn Parkway yet.


  14. ^^weak. Real weak. Surprised you know how to use the interwebs pop-pops.

  15. ^^^ You would be a better person if you and your mother had known your pop-pops.

  16. ^^You would be better person if you didn't spend your days on a blog complaining about everything and being a general douche bag. This is why YOUR family wants nothing to do with you.

  17. I really do like that everyone in the tony's kc comments can agree that bicyclists and bike lanes are the worst fucking thing imaginable. This is the one issue we can all come together for

  18. Don't piss off old people.
    The older we get, the less
    "Life In Prison" is a deterrent.

  19. ^^Don't threaten me with food, clothing & shelter.

  20. ^^And regular sex.

  21. The city minions are out in full force on TKC today.

  22. is there not less used crosstown streets, make it one way, and half is bicycle lane or if 4 lanes exist cut it in thirds and make 1 a bike lane. what's up with 27th st, how would folks living on that street feel about that.

  23. can u make thirds, then the bike lane is bifurcated with the inside lane going with traffic. street parking would be challenged if not one way.

  24. plenty of underused downtown streets can make one way and half a bifurcted bike lane.

  25. one car lane may be wide enuf for two bike lanes. bike lanes do not have to be on opposite sides of the street do they?

  26. so bifurcated bike lane, two car lanes and a parking lane on 27th st?

  27. saddle bagged by parks, or in the mall industry lingo , anchored.


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