The Kansas City Tuesday News Look

Tuesday topic of international concern . . .

Daily Star: Helen Flanagan reveals breastfeeding caused her boobs to ‘drop’

MirrorUK: Woman who had boob job to boost confidence says it's 'just like having your hair and nails done'

Tab: ‘Pineapple Boobs’: Hopefully the final Instagram trend you’ll see this year

Closer to home, these news links dominate our local online MSM discourse . . .

Kansas City Crime Lab Winning???

KCPD crime lab says it's clearing violent crimes much more quickly than national average

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Kansas City Police Department opened its new, state-of-the-art crime lab in May 2018. Today, it's getting plenty of use. Just last month, Kansas City saw nine shootings in a 24-hour span. On August 2, KCPD Capt.

KCK Sniper Suspect Capture

UPDATE: KCK police arrest suspect after police cars hit by gunfire

KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- KCK police arrested a suspect accused of shooting at police cars Monday. Police said around 11:50 a.m. Monday officers were dispatched to the KCK Traffic Support Unit's parking lot on Leavenworth Road for reports of shots fired. When officers arrived, they found several police vehicles had been damaged by gunfire.

Golden Ghetto Evolving

Developments along Johnson Drive bring changes to Mission's appearance

Downtown Mission, Kansas is experiencing a building boom, with new retail businesses and high-end apartments going up along Johnson Drive. Work has begun on the Mission Trails Project, said Emily Randel, assistant to the city manager. "That will be 200 luxury market-rate apartments right at the corner of Lamar and Johnson Drive," Randel said.

Inner Suburban Reconciliation???

'We're not angry': Grandview church just wants its van back

It's a crime that has a lot of people shaking their heads - a local church was hit by thieves over the weekend. Southview Christian Church in Grandview no longer has a van after its 15-passenger vehicle was stolen. Church leaders said they're not sure why anyone else would want it, and they would really like it back!

Old School Baseballer Junket

Royals Hall of Famers travel to Middle East to visit American troops

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Four Royals Hall of Fame members are traveling to the Middle East to visit with American troops, including members of a Missouri National Guard unit. George Brett, Bret Saberhagen, Reggie Sanders and Mike Sweeney are visiting troops in four locations throughout the Middle East.

Traffic Tragedy Overnight

Mother, child struck by vehicle at 4th and Quindaro

KANSAS CITY, KS (KCTV) -- A mother and her young child were struck by a vehicle at 4th and Quindaro Boulevard in KCK on Monday evening. Kansas City, KS. Police Chief Terry Zeigler said a "slow moving" vehicle hit them around 6:30 p.m. The child may have suffered life-threatening injuries.

Kansas City Contest Clapback

Judge balks at 'lavish lifestyle' of men in sweepstakes suit | The Kansas City Star

Sued over a $110 million sweepstakes-and-contest scheme and their assets frozen, two men asked a federal judge in Kansas City for "living expenses." Kevin Brandes claimed he needed $28,740 a month, and his business partner William Graham claimed he needed $14,058.39.

Kansas City Forecast

First Alert: Warm, sunny for your Tuesday

Tuesday will be mostly sunny and warm. Look for a high near 81 degrees. The heat and humidity will gradually build in this week.

Mac Miller - Self Care is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


  1. Nice to see johnson drive news but the old mission mall site is still an eyesore. So are the water bills in kcmo still kind of nuts or did they get that under control? Have they gotten then rapes under control yet at the jail? who is Cindy circo banging these days?

  2. a project of the right type at mission mall will surprise everyone with its success, imho.

    once it gets going, the rest of mission will emerge from suspended animation and thrive.

    but it's been a long time coming, for sure.

  3. Traffic is bad in that part of Mission. The other day some faggot got rearended twice on Johnson. After he got rearended, he then got in a wreck.

  4. Brett's an asshole and a prick.

  5. ^^so's your mother.

  6. "KCPD crime lab says it's clearing violent crimes much more quickly than national average."

    This is not saying much.


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